Valentino Rossi Winter Test Helmet Huichol Mexican

Valentino Rossi’s 2017-2018 Winter Test helmet

Valentino Rossi Huichol Helmet

Valentino Rossi has revealed his MotoGP winter test helmet for 2017-2019 and it is a thing of beauty.

In the last few years Rossi has gone for cartoon designs that have been focused around ‘winter’ and ‘snow’ as an attempt to poke fun at the fact that the first MotoGP pre-season winter tests take place in the extreme heat of Sepang.

This year he teamed up with Aldo Drudi’s design studio to create a stunning helmet design that is based on the folk-art of the Huichol people of Mexico. The Huichol are Native Americans who are indigenous to the Sierra Madre Occidental area in Mexico. They are famous for their yarn art and their colourful beaded art techniques.

Rossi became interested in their beaded art on a recent trip to Mexico and decided to recreate it on his AGV Pista GP R for the winter tests. The usual Rossi themes and symbols are presents, such as the Sun, the Moon, a turtle etc…but all made to look like they were created from hundreds of coloured beads.

Davide Degli Innocenti, the graphics and colouring manager at Drudi Performance, painstakingly painted each individual bead, as you can seen from his instagram video below:

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Valentino Rossi explained the new helmet design saying:

“Huichol art immediately intrigued me, because it uses many of my symbols, like the sun and moon or the turtle. We have tried to recreate the effect of the beads that the Mexicans use to bring colour and shape to these objects, but to do so with a Valentino Rossi twist. The helmet looks really good, Aldo Drudi did a great job, as did Davide in particular – hecreated the beads with a brush, one by one. We might say that the helmet has become a work of art, something we’ve never seen before.”

Check out all the photos below of Valentino Rossi’s beautiful new winter test helmet:

Valentino Rossi Winter Test Helmet Huichol Mexican

Valentino Rossi Winter Test Helmet Huichol Mexican

Valentino Rossi Winter Test Helmet Huichol Mexican

Valentino Rossi Winter Test Helmet Huichol Mexican

Helmet fans will most probably be salivating at the thought of this helmet design being released as a production replica! Check out all Valentino Rossi helmets currently available.