Valentino Rossi Misano T-Shirt (expletives!)

Valentino Rossi Misano T-Shirt (Limited Edition)

It’s helmet related, so not too far off remit….so we’ll feature it.

This is the new limited edition from the official Valentino Rossi merchandise range. The design of the t-shirt is based on the helmet design and graphics that Rossi wore for this year’s Misano MotoGP.

Rossi always brings a custom lid to the Italian MotoGPs, and this designs was created to express the anger, frustration, and general crappy season that Rossi has been having on the Ducati.

You can get this Valentino Rossi Misano T-Shirt now from who have stock at £29.99 ($48.29 / €34.10) and deliver worldwide. BUY IT HERE

Shoei T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Shoei have extended their brand beyond helmets and have a range of clothing for riders available all with the Shoei logo on them. Perfect clothing for summer rides, track days, or just wearing out.

There is a decent range of T-Shirts and Sweatshirst available to get online, some of which have now been discounted – so check them out below:

Shoei Speed Long Sleeve T-Shirt/Sweatshirt:
Shoei Speed Long Sleeve T-Shirt This is the Shoei ‘Speed’ longsleeved T-Shirt.

This top comes available in three colours (Navy Blue, Black, and White) and features the Shoei logo with ‘speed’ stripes across the chest.

The shirt is made from high quality cotton and is fully machine washable and comes in a variety of sizes.

Where to Buy it:
This Shoei long sleeved T-shirt is available from:


Shoei Speed Tee T-Shirt:
shoei t shirt This is the SHoei ‘Speed’ T-Shirt.

The design of this t-shirt is basically the same as the long-sleeved version (see above) and features the Shoei logo across the chest, complete with ‘speed’ stripes.

Like the long sleeved version, this T-Shirt is available in 3 colours (Navy Blue, White, and Black) and is fully machine washable, made from high quality material, and is available in multiple sizes.

Where to Buy it:
This Shoei ‘Speed’ T-shirt is available from:


Shoei C2 Logo T-Shirt
Shoei C2 Logo T-Shirt This is the Shoei C2 Logo T-Shirt.

This is another high quality Shoei T-shirt that features a large and aggressive SHoei logo across the chest (with no mention of helmets).

The more recognised Shoei logo appears as a small logo on the left sleeve.

A bit different from the usual and a striking design.

As usual, this Shoei T-Shirt is available in multiple sizes, and comes in two potential colours, black (pictured) and grey.

Where to Buy it:
This Shoei ‘C2 Logo T-Shirt’ T-shirt is available from:


The Shoei Logo T-Shirt:
The Shoei Logo T-Shirt Keeping it simple and sweet – this is the Shoei ‘logo’ t-shirt.

This t-shirt has a simple and bold ‘Shoei logo’ across the chest of the shirt.

This isn’t the Shoei logo that you usually see on the helmets though.

This Shoei t-shirt is available in two colours – black (pictured) and grey.

Where to Buy it:
This Shoei ‘logo T-shirt is available from:


New Valentino Rossi 2011 Ducati Helmet T-shirt

Rossi Ducati Helmet T-Shirt

So we posted about Valentino Rossi’s new Ducati race helmet , and are now selling a new T-Shirt in the official Valentino Rossi 2011 merchandise range that features the very same helmet.

The T-shirt is black and features all four views of Rossi’s new Ducati helmet (both sides, front, and back) in four panels on the front. Ducati logos and the number 46 feature on the sleeves.

So if you want to find out more, then BUY IT HERE