Andrea Iannone 2017 ‘Suzuki’ Motegi helmet

Andrea Iannone 2017 'Suzuki' Motegi helmet

He may have been having a difficult first season with the factory Suzuki team, but Andrea Iannone is starting to show signs of the talent that everyone knows he has as the season goes on.

After a solid performance in the Australian MotoGP, Iannon showed up at Motegi with a special one-off helmet design that was designed to pay tribute to the whole Suzuki team…..and after some of his results ths season, many would argue that was the least he could have done.

Jokes aside, this is a beautiful looking design. His helmet featured the Suzuki ‘S’ logo at the top of the helmet in a white circle surrounded by Japanese text that reads: やるっきゃない (Yarukkyanai). This can roughly be translated as a statement saying: “one has no other choice but to do what one has to do” or “have to do it”.

Two blue bands run around the middle of the helmet, and a dark stripe runs around the chin of the helmet. Iannone’s number ’29’ is stamped on the sides of the chin, and his adreneline molecule logo is placed on the rear.

Iannone said the following about his Suzuki tribute helmet:

My new Motegi special helmet dedicated to my team and all the Suzuki people working for #MotoGp project! #Arigato!

A classy and timeless looking design. I have no doubt that if this ever got released as a replica people whould go nuts for it.

Iannone had a good race at Motegi and ended in 4th place. He said:

“I’m glad we finally managed to get a pretty good result,” said Iannone. “After a year of mistakes and struggles, we finally arrived. Let’s say this is the classic experience we needed to have. Plus, Suzuki is working a lot so I’m convinced that we can make important steps forward. It was certainly a positive weekend because Alex [Rins] was also fast. It’s great to be back in these positions, and most importantly, to be able to spend a good part of the race close to the leaders. Eventually, my rear tyre dropped off, but I managed to defend [my position] and take fourth.”

Check out the photos below of Andrea Iannone’s Motegi MotoGP ‘Suzuki Tribute’ helmet below:
Andrea Iannone Motegi helmet
Andrea Iannone 2017 'Suzuki' Motegi helmet

Andrea Iannone 2017 'Suzuki' Motegi helmet