Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo switched MotoGP teams from Yamaha to Ducati for 2017, and with it comes a new bike, a new livery, a new colour scheme, and a new helmet design.

Lorenzo has stuck with Starline Designers once again for his latest helmet graphics.

As expected the design sticks with Lorenzo’s ‘Around The Outside‘ logo (the red X circled by a white arrow) which is positioned directly on the top of the helmet. The sides of the helmet feature the Moster Energy green claws logo.

The sides of the helmet feature the Moster Energy green claws logo

A new graphical flourish can be seen on the chin and the rear of the helmet which features a geometric spiral descending downwards with Lorenzo’s ‘Around The Outside‘ logo in the middle. This new graphic is shown in red on the chin and in black on the rear.

The spoiler on Lorenzo’s new Shark helmet is also more pronounced than previous versions, it literally looks like a Shark’s fin. I am sure this helmet will be made available as a replica soon.

Check out the photos below of Jorge Lorenzo’s 2017 MotoGP helmet:

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

Jorge Lorenzo 2017 MotoGP helmet

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Jorge Lorenzo ‘Shark’ helmet for Aragon

Jorge Lorenzo Shark helmet Aragon

lorenzo shark aragon helmet

Jorge Lorenzo has revealed a special helmet design that he will be wearing for the 2016 Aragon MotoGP – the helmet has been designed with new graphics to look like a vicious Great White shark, with the dark visor being utilised to look like the shark’s mouth. It’s a stunning design that also show’s the shark’s cold black eyes staring forwards above the visor.

Lorenzo revealed this new helmet design on social media:

There is actually a backstory to this helmet design, once that stretches back to the Misano and Aragon MotoGP rounds in 2015. At the 2015 Misano MotoGP Valentino Rossi showed up with a one-off helmet design that showed Rossi portrayed as a small but plucky fish trying to outswim a large grey shark that is closing in to eat him. Rossi stated that the design was supposed to indicate how he felt at Misano where he said that because it was his home race it made him a target for all other the riders and teams to beat. You can read more on this design over at Rossi Helmets.

Despite Rossi’s explanation, pretty much every race fan interpreted the shark on the helmet as Jorge Lorenzo who was in a great run of form and was eating away at Valentino’s points lead in the Championship.

Lorenzo shark fin gesture at Aragon

The next round was at Aragon, where Jorge Lorenzo dominated and took victory. After the race when Lorenzo had parked up in Parc Ferme, Lorenzo stood on the seat of his Yamaha and made a Shark fin with his hand on the top of his helmet and said:

“I feel strong like a shark at this moment so I just wanted to keep a little bit this show in this race after this victory. I liked the idea of being cast as a shark. I’m still playing the role of the shark who is hunting down the yellow fish.”

Plus the fact that Lorenzo signed with Shark Helmets for 2016 after parting company with HJC is an added bonus that gives even more relevance and context to the helmet design.

The shark returns to Aragon – check out the phtos of Jorge Lorenzo’s Shark helmet below:

Jorge Lorenzo Shark helmet Aragon

Jorge Lorenzo Shark helmet Aragon

Jorge Lorenzo Shark helmet Aragon

Jorge Lorenzo Shark helmet Aragon

Jorge Lorenzo Shark helmet Aragon

Sylvain Guintoli Shark Race-R Pro Replica Helmet

Sylvain Guintoli Shark Race-R Pro Replica Helmet

Sylvain Guintoli Shark Race-R Pro Replica Helmet

This is the latest Sylvain Guintoli replica race helmet that has been released in the premium Shark Race-R Pro range. This is a simple but really striking design – it’s the same helmet and design scheme that Guintoli has been racing with for the 2015 and 2016 World Superbike seasons.

The design features a white base, with a metallic blue pattern on either side on the helmet. Guintoli’s sponsor, Chips Pata, has their logo featured on the chin and on the top of this helmet which adds to the authenticity of this race replica. Sylvain Guintoli’s personal logo is also on the helmet and can be seen at the top and rear. A beautiful looking replica for those riders that want badass looking race graphics on a performance helmet whilst avoiding some of the more obvious attention-seeking and kinetic designs that many other race replicas on the market have. This is a classy looking lid.

sylvain guintoli 2015

Official Description & Features:
Shark’s mantra is simple, “Just race! We care about the rest.”

The Shark Race R Pro, new high end model made of carbon/aramid fibres, has been developed primarily for Sharks top level racers in MotoGP, WSBK & Moto2. They therefore had to ensure the essential elements reflected the importance of global functionality and ergonomics; lightness, stability, comfort, precision and aerodynamics are a priority.

The Race Pro-R is Shark’s high-end composite fiber helmet. Totally designed through a reverse engineering process, the Race-R Pro has been developed from technical data as close as possible from human head specifications. Shark has taken into account your constraints before considering its own. From the very first track tests, riders have acknowledged its stability, even above 300 km/h, its comfort and the precision of the wide angle vision field as well as its optical distortion-free shield.

“The Race R PRO concentrates all what I am looking for in a helmet when riding my bike. In fact, it contributes to my riding performance.” Randy de Puniet, June 22nd, 2012.


  • Motorcycle helmet made of carbon fibre/Aramid to reduce neck muscle fatigue
  • Optimised aerodynamics with its profiled shell and double blade spoiler
  • New multi-density shell design
  • Natural bamboo fibre interior
  • Sealed neck pad (air and noise)
  • Optic class 1 (reduces eye fatigue on long rides) anti-scratch and anti-fog visor
  • New notched visor system for easier adjustment
  • Tool-free quick-release visor system
  • 4-point visor safety lock
  • Chin guard vent with integrated anti-pollution filter
  • Optimum comfort for those who wear glasses
  • Removable washable interior
  • Compatible with Sharktooth communication system
  • Double D-ring closure with magnetic chinstrap end
  • Weight: 1250 g (+/- 50 g

Thanks to wind tunnel testing, Shark has minimized unpleasant cyclonic airflows on the Race R Pro by adding a double blade spoiler. Result = Stability. The Race R Pro ventilation system is a synthesis of the most efficient ventilation:

  • 4 air scoops: chin (with integrated anti-pollution air filter) + front + 2 top vents
  • 7 extractors
  • 3 possible positions: closed, intermediate, fully open
  • Optimization of venturi effect thanks to Formula1 wind tunnel testing

sylvain guintoli

You can check out the full specs of the SHARK Race-R Pro in the feature video below:

Our review / buyers guide for the Shark Race-R Pro helmet:

Overview: There was a time when we probably would have said that this is the most attractive helmet that Shark has ever made, but that honor now probably goes to the Shark Race-R Pro Carbon range – but only because we are a sucker for the carbon fibre weave effect (for example, check out the Scott Redding replica in the Shark Race-R Pro Carbon range). That said there isn’t any real difference in the basics and the shape of the two models – the SHARK Race-R Pro is a thing of beauty.

But looks aren’t everything…..or so we are told, so you should be comforted to know that the SHARK Race-R Pro has a 5 Star SHARP safety rating, which means this helmet provides performance, stye, and safety. That’s a pretty good start. And whilst this helmet isn’t cheap (pricing discounts can be found if you dig around online though, some choice links at the bottom of this page for where you can find it for decent pricing) it is definitely cheaper than other ‘premium’ brands and you get value for money as it is packed with features. To be honest you shouldn’t need to pay over £400 / $535 for this helmet, as long as you know the best places to get it from.

The shell is carbon and kevlar, giving the helmet a lightweight feel without compromising on strength and robustness – weighing in at just 1,250g this is one of the lightest helmet models in all comparable premium ranges from all manufacturers. You can get the shell in 2 sizes with various padding options from extra-small all the way to extra-large. There is a magnetic double D chinstrap, that works very effectively and is easy to use, at the base of the shell. The Race R Pro was developed by SHARK specifically for its MotoGP and World Superbike riders and it shows – the shape is aggressive and from any angle the helmet looks like it is ready to slice through air, with twin-blade rear spoilers built into the shell.

One thing that you immediately notice about the SHARK Race-R Pro visor is the thickness, it feels like you could take it into a riot, this is one of the thickest visors that we have ever seen on a helmet in this price range. I very much doubt that there is a stone lying in wait on some road someplace that could smash its way through this visor. The visor is 4.25mm at the center and it tapers off to 3mm at the sides, and as you would expect from a premium helmet it can be removed easily and a replacement snapped back on with no trouble.

Padding / Lining:
The inner lining is fully washable as you’d expect, and it is simple to remove the cheek pads. The SHARK Race-R Pro comes with an additional nose mask for those winter months or cold days which is a nice touch, and the skirt around the neck is also adjustable so you can really insulate your entire head against the cold. The interior lining in the helmet has been created so that it can house SHARK’s own bluetooth communication device (the ‘Sharktooth‘ (UK / US) that allows you to hook it up to your phone and communicate with a passenger or other riders. One other thing worth noting here is that the EPS lining contains deep grooves built in to it which have been created to serve a dual function – to help move air around more effectively and also act as a more robust shock absorber in the event of an accident.

We have touched on ventilation a bit already, but basically this entire helmet has been designed to maximise the ventilation available with front vents subtly built into the shell of the helmet. There are 4 air scoops which are situated on the chin, on the front, and two placed on the top of the helmet, with seven extration vents to suppport the air intake.

A really stunning helmet for the price. You can see the work and research that has gone in to producing this model and it is rare to see a helmet with the features present in the SHARK Race-R Pro at this price point. The only complaint that I’d have is that the interior of the helmet felt pretty tight and it was a bit of a struggle to get on and off at first, this may make some riders feel more secure, but it took us a couple of days worth of riding to fully get used to the feeling – that said, this is an incredible helmet which offers enough features to keep the most demanding rider happy on the road or on the track.

Image gallery of the Sylvain Guintoli Shark Race-R Pro Replica Helmet:

Anyway, dont just take our word for it, check out Revzilla’s in-depth review of the Shark Race-R Pro helmet in the video review below:

As mentioned, you can get the SHARK Race-R Pro at very reasonable pricing, and you can check out the trusted and tested links below for where to get it online at the best prices.

sportsbikeshop-logo5 Get it from at around £399, great for UK and EU bikers. They ship globally also. Recommended.
FCMoto-logo7 Get it from who have stock at £389 / $534 / EUR 471. They ship globally also. Recommended.
demon-tweeks Get it from Demon Tweeks who currently have stock at £399.
Amazon-new You can also usually find stock from various sellers and prices from Amazon
ebay-logo You can also get stock from a variety of sellers on

Shark Helmets release Johann Zarco and Scott Redding replica helmets

Shark Helmets release Johann Zarco and Scott Redding replica helmets

Shark Helmets are showing their Moto2 boys some love by releasing Scott Redding and Johann Zarco replica helmets in their S700S range. The Scotting Redidng helmet design has already been introduced to the ‘top-of-the-range’ Shark Race R Pro range also.

Built on the same basis as the S900, the S700S will open up these replica helmets to a wider range of buyers as they are available at a much more affordable price (usually around £169.99 in the UK).

You can pick up the Scott Redding Shark S700S helmet from for only £169.99. Check it out HERE

Or, check out the Scott Redding Race R Pro helmet

Shark Vision-R Myth – White / Violet / Yellow

This Shark Vision-R Myth helmet is beautiful – needs a big picture to do it justice (more info on this stunning helmet below).

shark vision r myth

Yeah, so despite being ‘off remit’ (i.e. not a race replica helmet), and as mentioned above this picture, we fell in love instantly after seeing this Shark Vision-R Myth helmet in striking white, violet, and yellow.

Plus the price is really decent too for anyone wanting a great looking street helmet, who doesn’t want to pay the high-price that race replicas usually get tagged with.

Where to buy it:

New Randy De Puniet Replica Helmet from Shark

Shark Race-R Pro Randy De Puniet Replica Helmet If anyone is a great advert for the continued use of helmets it’s Randy De Puniet. This year alone he has managed to bin his bike in almost every MotoGP weekend so far.

We are actually big fans of De Puniet’s aggressive style – we just wish he’d stay on the bike and finish a few more races.

Anyway, Shark have released a new ‘race inspired’ Randy De Puniet replica helmet in their ‘Shark Race-R Pro’ range, and it is available now online.

The design is not quite the same as the helmet design that De Puniet has been racing with this season for the Pramac Ducati team in MotoGP, but it is pretty slick all the same.

Head on over to the product page to find out more, including where you can currently buy it online: Shark Race-R Pro Randy De Puniet Replica Helmet

Closeout!: Shark RSI Laconi Replica Full Face Helmet [save 60%]

Shark RSI Laconi Replica Full Face Helmet Spotted this great value closeout price on the Shark RSI Laconi Replica Full Face Helmet.

If you get it from BikeBandit.comicon while stocks (and the pricing offer) last, then you can save a HUGE 60% off the RRP on this Regis Laconi replica. It is now available for only $200.14 (YOU SAVE 60%!). FIND OUT MOREicon

Product Description:
Shark RSI Laconi Full Face Helmet features a shell made from multi-directional composite fibers and strengthened with Carbon/Aramid.

  • 5 multi-element, internal shock-absorbers with differentiated density.
  • Airflow directed by integrated ducts and “Venturi” deflectors for Street and Cruiser enthusiast.
  • Dual-treated (anti-scratch/anti-fog) “Total Vision” 2.2mm visor.
  • Shark’s patented “Push One” visor quick release system.
  • Optimized demisting using visor frame diffuser.
  • Fully removable and washable interior in microfiber fabric.
  • Ergonomic cheek pads.
  • Anti-fog visor and chin cover.