Luis Salom “Cuna de Campeones” helmet

Luis Salom "Cuna de Campeones" helmet

Luis Salom "Cuna de Campeones" helmet

This is the “Cuna de Campeones” helmet that was presented to Luis Salom to mark his participation in the Spanish “Cuna de Campeones”- which can be translated from the Spanish as ‘Cradle of Champions‘.

“Cuna de Campeones” is kind of like an ‘incubator class’ for talented young riders and it acts as an academy for riders to learn and sharpen their racing skills – Luis Salom spent time in the “Cuna de Campeones” between 2002 and 2004. He then moved to the Spanish Speed Championship and then Red Bull Cup, before eventually landing in the World Championship class.

Salom received the helmet shortly after he claimed his 3rd place finish in the overall Moto3 Championship standings.

Salom was presented with the helmet by Gonzalo Gobert (head of the Valencia circuit) and the head of the “Cuna de Campeones”, Juli├ín Mir.

The helmet was made up of images and scenes from his time in the “Cuna de Campeones” as well as a few images from his time in Moto3.

Luis Salom "Cuna de Campeones" helmet

Luis Salom "Cuna de Campeones" helmet

Luis Salom 2016 AGV Pista GP Mexicano helmet


This is the Luis Salom 2016 Moto2 helmet. Designed by Aldo Drudi on an AGV Pista GP helmet, this is probably one of the most eyecatching helmet designs ever to be seen in Moto2.

The design was an update of Luis Salom’s ‘Mexicano’ helmet from 2015, and the 2016 version had a beautiful blend of pink and blue across the design. A colour scheme like this is pretty rare. The top of the helmet featured an animal skull which is flanked by painted roses and thorns wrapping themselves around the sides of the helmet. The rear features the words ‘Mexicano’.

Luis Salom raced with an AGV Pista GP helmet in Moto2.

Luis Salom was tragically killed in in 2016 when he was involved in a crash at Turn 12 in Barcelona during the Moto2 Free Practice session.

I’d love to see this released as a replica by AGV, it would be a fitting tribute to another talented young racer who lost their life too early in the pursuit of their dreams.