Jorge Lorenzo ‘Diablo’ helmet (2017)

Jorge Lorenzo Diablo Helmet

Jorge Lorenzo MotoGP Austria 2017

Jorge Lorenzo brought a brand new helmet design to the 2017 Austrian MotoGP – the one-off special design was called ‘Diablo’, which is Spanish for ‘Devil’.

The design was created by Starline Designs, the famous Italian design studio, and they turned the whole of Lorenzo’s helmet into an aggressive looking devil’s head in black and red paint, complete with two yellow eyes glaring out above the visor.

It is a stunning looking design, and it looked incredible on track. It also seemed to give Lorenzo a bit of extra aggression as he scored his best qualifying position so far on a Ducati, and he decisively led the start of the race, and finished in 4th position at the checkered flag.

As always, Lorenzo announced the new helmet design on his Twitter account:

The helmet also reminds us a bit of Darth Maul from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

I can’t imagine that Shark Helmets won’t be planning to release this as a limited edition in a year or so in their premium Shark Race R helmet range, it is too good a design to pass up on, plus the fans will love it.

So watch this space.

Check out the ‘Making of’ video below on how the Jorge Lorenzo ‘Diablo’ helmet was created:

Photos of the Jorge Lorenzo ‘Diablo’ helmet:

Jorge Lorenzo Diablo Helmet

Jorge Lorenzo Diablo Helmet

Jorge Lorenzo Diablo Helmet

Jorge Lorenzo Diablo Helmet

Jorge Lorenzo Austria MotoGP