HJC Ben Spies MotoGP helmet now in stock at Amazon

The new 2011 Ben Spies MotoGP helmet that we posted about HERE is now being made available from Amazon.co.uk – so, even easier for UK and EU shoppers to pick up this new race replica.

As previously mentioned, this is an exact replica of the helmet that Ben Spies is currently using in MotoGP and is availble to buy now via Amazon.co.uk for about £349.95. Check it out here or see more images and information (as well as other buying options) on our Product Page

New Ben Spies MotoGP Helmets for 2011

Now these are slick – HJC have released two new Ben Spies replica MotoGP helmets in their R-PHA range and they are available now.

Plus the good thing about HJC helmets is that are are pretty affordable for race replicas (especially when compared to the AGV or X-lite replica helmets). The Ben Spies design is pretty special too.

There are two versions of the helmet available.

The first one is the ‘HJC R-PHA Ben Spies MotoGP ‘Monster’ Helmet‘.
HJC R-PHA10 Ben Spies 'Monster' MotoGP Helmet This helmet is the same as Ben Spies currently races with in MotoGP.

The design features the large star design at the top of the helmet, and features the ‘Monster Claw’ logo on either side.

The rear features a map of Texas, the number ’11’, and the initials of Ben Spies.

This is a simple but striking design, and design-wise it is probably one of our favourites currently on the MotoGP grid.

A stunning lid. If you want to find out more information about this Ben Spies MotoGP replica helmet, including where you can buy it then check out the Product Page.


The second helmet is a ‘Special Edition’ version of the Ben Spies MotoGP helmet.

HJC R-PHA10 Ben Spies ‘Special Edition’ MotoGP Helmet (2011) This helmet is basically the exact same design as the Ben Spies MotoGP helmet but with a twist.

The design features a bold red background behind the star motif, and the racing numbers on the rear are also in a bold red colour.

Once again, this ‘Special Edition’ Ben Spies MotoGP helmet is available now and if you want to find out more information, including where it is currently being sold online – then check out the Product Page

RPS-10 Helmets and Ben Spies

Video showing the RPS-10 Helmets and Ben Spies:

HJC Helmets state that Ben Spies brought “the attitude of a winner” to the development of the RPS-10 helmet. “Every RPS-10 bears Ben’s fingerprints,” according to HJC, “as his testing input literally helped form prototype designs into the helmet every rider can now wear.” The Ben Spies Limited Edition Replica RPS-10 will feature his specific graphics, as well as his signature.

“Each prototype was thoroughly evaluated, and with each successive iteration the design was tweaked and reshaped for reduced aerodynamic drag, maximum stability, minimum lift, minimum vibration and noise, and more. Based on these testing results the existing prototype would be revised and a next-generation prototype would then be designed and constructed, and the testing process resumed once again.”

Ben Spies video interview on HJC helmets

Ben Spies is only the fourth rider in the history of AMA Superbike to win three consecutive titles and is 3rd on the all-time AMA Superbike wins list with a total of 28 AMA Superbike wins.

Spies races with HJC helmets – so HJC interviewed him after his championship winning 2009 World Superbike season. Spies talks abouts the ups and downs of the season, and fulfils his sponsorship obligations by giving his views on HJC helmets……..so not entirely unbiased 😉

Check out the Ben Spies replica helmets currently available.