Arai Caps

Top it all with an Arai baseball cap!

The are some nice Arai caps currently available, should you feel uncomfortable venturing into the outside world without something from Arai covering your head.

We have collected a few of the Arai baseball-style caps that are currently available below, check them out.

Arai Baseball Cap – Corduroy

Arai Baseball Cap - Corduroy This is the Arai baseball style cap in Corduroy.

It comes in black corduroy and it features the Arai logo in white on the front of the cap.

The logo also features one of the Arai slogans underneath the logo that reads “There is a Difference”

The cap is full machine washable and comes with an adjustable head-band, meaning that one sizes fits all.

You can buy this Arai baseball cap from for only £14.99 (they also deliver worldwide and offer pricing options in multiple currencies). BUY IT HERE


Arai Baseball Cap – Blue

Arai cap blue This is the Arai baseball cap in blue.

This Navy Blue Arai cap features a white Arai logo on the front of the cap – the ‘Arai Helmets’ logo in the Arai oval.

This Arai baseball cap is fully machine-washable and comes with an adjustable head-band making it ‘one size fits all’.

Get this Arai baseball cap in blue from for £14.99. BUY IT HERE

Or get a similar one form for $18.86.


Arai Baseball Cap – White

arai cap white
This is the last of the three, and it is a branded Arai baseball cap in white.

This White Arai cap features a blue Arai logo on the front of the cap – the ‘Arai Helmets’ logo in the Arai oval. It also features a blue trim that runs around the peak of the cap

This Arai baseball cap is fully machine-washable and comes with an adjustable head-band making it ‘one size fits all’.

Get the Arai baseball cap in white from for £14.99

Arai announce new Doohan and Haga race helmets

Arai have announced the release of two new, and one-off, special replica helmets – they are releasing a new Nori Haga ‘Monza’ helmet that will be made in white, and will also be making a special Mick Doohan TT helmet.

Both helmets will be available from selected dealers with an RRP of £639.99.(we’ll put links up when they are available) in May 2011.

Arai had huge success with a black edition of the Haga Monza helmet, and the Doohan TT helmet is being released to mark the fact the Mick Doohan will be taking part in a lap of the Isla of Man TT circuit this year as part of the Arai sponsored “Arai Lap of honour”.

Here is the official release blurb, more pictures are available below:

News of two very special limited edition Arai RX-7 GP helmets has just been announced; the Doohan/TT and Haga Monza White will be complete one-offs appealing to fans and collectors alike.

Every year a very special guest is invited to the Isle of Man TT to ride the legendary lap of honour and for 2011 Arai has ivinvited no one less than Mick Doohan. Doohan is best known around the world as five times MotoGP World Champion (1994-1998) and during his outstanding career he always wore and trusted Arai. Several MotoGP riders will join Doohan during the ‘Arai Lap of honour’, offering a truly unique spectacle.

His famous red, blue and white striped helmet with Koala bear cartoon on the back has become iconic – and Aldo Drudi has designed a limited edition helmet for this special occasion in white, black and red incorporating the TT logo, plus ‘Three Legs of Man’ details and the essence of Doohan’s original paintwork.

The black, limited edition Haga Monza was a tremendous success in 2009. Noriyuki wore this design at the Italian World Superbike race and interest was immediately overwhelming; all of the original Monzas sold very rapidly and thus inspired the brand new RX-7 GP Haga Monza ‘White’. This stunning version is also designed by Aldo Drudi and draws inspiration from its black predecessor; it features the circuit layout, its latitude and longitude as well as his NKI 41 motif. Haga, racing his PATA Aprilia RSV4 will wear the new design during the Italian World Superbike round at Monza, which takes place on May 8.

Image Gallery (click to enlarge):

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Jonathan Rea’s Arai helmet after a high speed crash

Jonathan Rea suffered a high speed crash at Phillip Island during World Superbike testing – Rea highsided at turn 3 whilst going approximately 130mph. He was thrown from his bike (which burst into flames) and ploughed through the gravel. Watch the video of the crash below:

Afterwards, the guys from Arai capitalised on the marketing opportunity by cornering Rea and videoed the state of his helmet after the crash and got Rea to say a few words about Arai (Rea escaped with minor bruising).

Jonahathan Rea on Arai helmets after his crash:

Check out the Jonathan Rea Arai replica helmet