RPS-10 Helmets and Ben Spies

Video showing the RPS-10 Helmets and Ben Spies:

HJC Helmets state that Ben Spies brought “the attitude of a winner” to the development of the RPS-10 helmet. “Every RPS-10 bears Ben’s fingerprints,” according to HJC, “as his testing input literally helped form prototype designs into the helmet every rider can now wear.” The Ben Spies Limited Edition Replica RPS-10 will feature his specific graphics, as well as his signature.

“Each prototype was thoroughly evaluated, and with each successive iteration the design was tweaked and reshaped for reduced aerodynamic drag, maximum stability, minimum lift, minimum vibration and noise, and more. Based on these testing results the existing prototype would be revised and a next-generation prototype would then be designed and constructed, and the testing process resumed once again.”