MotoGP Helmet Bag

MotoGP Helmet Bag

Looking for an ultra-cheap, but well made and reliable helmet bag to store your lid in? Then this may be what you are looking for.

This is the official MotoGP Helmet Bag, and it is available at prices as low as £6.49. The bag itself is surprisingly well made for a six pound drawstring bag, and it features the official MotoGP logo on the side.

It basically does what it says on the tin, no more, no less. Sturdy and reliable, it makes an ideal low-cost, spare helmet bag.

Product Description:
Simple drawstring helmet bag featuring MotoGP design. An inexpensive way to protect expensive helmets.

  • Drawstring helmet bag
  • MotoGP design
  • Inexpensive solution to protect expensive helmets

Where to buy it:

You can buy this MotoGP helmet bag from the following online stores: