Valentino Rossi AGV K3 SV Tartaruga ('Turtle') Helmet

Valentino Rossi AGV K3 SV Tartaruga (‘Turtle’) Helmet

Valentino Rossi AGV K3 SV Tartaruga ('Turtle') Helmet

As any race fan will know, Valentino Rossi always has a special helmet design created for the Mugello MotoGP and over the years many eyecatching designs have been used by Valentino for his home race, and in 2013 Rossi turned up to Mugello with a helmet that was made to look like a turtle. AGV have now made this exact same design available in the best-selling and very affordable K-3 SV range. Check the bottom of this page for where to buy it.

The helmet design was created by Aldo Drudi and it featured a cartoon turtle where the turtle was made to look like it was sitting on top of Rossi’s helmet – the turtle shell is painted across the top of the helmet, with the turtle’s eyes looking out above the visor.

There were a couple of meanings behind the choice of the turtle for the design. Firstly, the turtle has been one of Rossi’s favourite animals since he was a young boy, in fact when Rossi was racing MiniMoto as a child he had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as a mascot when he raced. Rossi also has a tattoo of a cartoon turtle just above his hip.

The second meaning behind the turtle design was intended as a subtle dig at his racing performance so far for that season – 2013 was the year that Rossi returned to Yamaha after two poor seasons at Ducati and he was struggling to keep pace with the top 3 riders (Marquez, Lorenzo, and Pedrosa) and turtle embodied Rossi’s struggle for pace. This is also evident in the 4 small stick figures that are featured on the sides of the helmet – there is a yellow stick figure with arms outstretched trying to keep up with three stick figures who represent Marquez, Lorenzo, and Pedrosa.

This is a beautiful helmet design and huge kudos goes out to AGV who are bringing some really nice Valentino Rossi replica helmet designs to their entery-level helmet ranges making them accessible and affordable to the everyday rider.

tartaruga helmet

Product Description
AGV have developed the K-3 SV motorcycle helmet with the experience they gained during the design process of their premium Pista GP helmets, and the Corsa and GT Veloce helmets. Thanks to the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEM), the technical department developed a benchmark product in terms of comfort, aerodynamics and safety. The K3-SV is a very popular helmet and its wide appeal has ensured that it is AGV’s bestselling helmet by a long way. The AGV K-3 SV is suitable for all riders who are looking for comfort coupled with high performance characteristics. The K-3 SV is ideal for everyday riders who are looking for a aggressive looking helmet without compromising on comfort and practicality.

The AGV K-3 SV also comes with a wide selection of race replica designs which means riders can pick up a stunning looking race design (such as this Valentino Rossi one) at a reasonable everyday price. What’s not to love?

Thanks to Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis and wind tunnel testing, the integrated ventilation system provides maximum airflow to the head (through three front vents, chin vent, side vents, and two extractors at the back of the helmet), and the aerodynamics minimize drag, lift and noise, and ensure stability even at racetrack speeds.

360 degree view of the Valentino Rossi Tartaruga helmet:


  • Two sizes of HIR-TH shell High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin
  • Inner shell in EPS in 4 sizes; shell and EPS dimensions optimised using the FEM Finite Elements Analysis system
  • Homologation ECE 2205 and ACU Gold Approved
  • Ventilation system designed and optimised in a wind tunnel, comprising 4 front vents 3 at the front and one on the chin guard and 2 rear extractors
  • XQRS X-tra Quick Release System visor mechanism for tool-free removal and replacement of the visor in seconds
  • Visor mechanism with PVS system Perimetric Visor Seal for improved seal and protection against draughts and noise thanks to the seat for the visor edge
  • Visor micro-opening system
  • GT 2 scratch-resistant, anti-fog polycarbonate visor with 100 percent protection from UV rays
  • Integrated removable Sun Visor ISV with scratch-resistant visor with tool-free replacement system
  • Removable breath deflector
  • Removable windproof chin strap protection
  • Fully removable and washable 3D inner liners
  • Sanitised Dry-Comfort fabrics
  • Micrometric adjustable strap system
  • Anti-theft ring on strap
  • AGV Share Intercom System Ready
  • Sizes XS, S, MS, ML, L, XL, XXL
  • Weight E2205 c1.470g in size MS

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Image gallery of the Valentino Rossi AGV K-3 SV Tartaruga helmet:

Here is the detailed review of the AGV K-3 SV helmet:

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Put bluntly the AGV K-3 SV is a great helmet that comes packed with features and a solid safety rating that you would probably end up paying more for from other brands. It is a solid everyday motorcycle helmet masquerading under a race helmet’s shape and design.

The K-3 SV series also has a number of race replica graphics vaialable in the range, including five different official Valentino Rossi designs to choose from. The AGV K3 SV range is one of the best options if you are after a great looking race replica helmet without wanting to pay a premium price, and it is currently the cheapest way to get hold of an official Valentino Rossi MotoGP race replica helmet.

You can expect to pick up a K3 for less than £200 / $260. Check the links below for our trusted sellers who carry stock. Should be something there no matter where in the world you are based.

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