Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa ‘Yellow Energy / Mirror’ helmet (Mugello 2015)

Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa ‘Yellow Energy / Mirror’ helmet (Mugello 2015)

Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa ‘Yellow Energy / Mirror’ helmet (Mugello 2015)

AGV Corsa:
The AGV Corsa is AGV’s ‘next-to-best’ motorcycle helmet and sits just behind the Pista GP in the AGV range. The Corsa maintains many of the race-inspired features of the Pista GP but adds more flexibility to create a more forgiving helmet that you can use on the street or the track.

AGV made another inspired choice by making Valentino Rossi’s Mugello helmet from 2015 available as a replica in their AGV Corsa range, and it is easily one of the best looking Valentino Rossi helmets that we have seen in years. Unfortunately it seems everyone else thought the same thing and this Limited Edition sold very quickly, which means it is now pretty hard to find stock of this helmet. If you are looking for one, then skip to the bottom of the page and you will find some links where you may still find stock floating around.

The helmet design was created by Aldo Drudi and it was intended as a tribute to the fans at Mugello who give Rossi extra energy at the Mugello MotoGP. The helmet was made to look like a solar panel and it looked incredible as it caught the rays of the Tuscan sun. The rear of the helmet had a battery charging scale, with each level of the energy bars corresponding to one of the sessions over the course of the race weekend (e.g. the lowest was red for the first free practice, all the way up to yellow at the top for race day).

The words ‘Energia Rinnovabile’ are written around the edges of the visor, which can be translated from the Italian as ‘renewable energy’, and the left hand side of the helmet has the words ‘Yellow Energy’ on the rim of the visor, which is how this helmet design got its name. There are also a set of yellow paw prints on one side of the helmet with each print representing one of Rossi’s pets – his two bulldogs and his cat.

Valentino Rossi talked about the helmet and said:

“We made this helmet because the energy of fans penetrates it and pushes me even harder. I’ll try to use every ounce of it”

The AGV Corsa is a premium helmet and does not come cheap, especially when it has limited edition Valentino Rossi graphics like this. Think of the Corsa as the ‘little brother’ to the AGV Pista GP helmet – the Pista GP is a raw race helmet with any unnecessary features stripped away to reduce the weight of the helmet, while the Corsa is designed as a top range track helmet, but one that also comes with enough versatile features and flexibility to make it also a helmet that you can use in your day to day riding. One example of this can be seen with the air vent system: the Pista GP helmet has open vents that need to be closed by using rubber bungs, while the Corsa comes complete with slider controls so you can easily adjust the airflow coming in to the helmet.

Description and Features:
The GV Corsa has a carbon-fibre/glass-fibre/aramid SSL (Super Super Light) shell which was designed using FEM techniques and features EPS internal ducts in the shell to provide a small, light helmet which is both comfortable and extremely safe.

The result is a helmet that is significantly superior than the limits set by ECE standards and that weighs just 1350g in MS size. Unlike the Pista GP, the Corsa comes with a system for opening and closing the air vents which makes it a less extreme, more versatile helmet. The entire ventilation system was designed using computational fluid dynamic modelling and wind tunnel tests. This helmet is highly efficient at removing heat and moisture from the rider’s head.

Thanks to its large rear spoiler, the Corsa boasts first class performance in terms of aerodynamic penetration and high speed stability. Overall, the visor aperture is 9% bigger meaning a 15° improvement in vision which obviously enhances the active safety factor. The fit of the Corsa was developed using “Human Engineering” whereby the design starts from the surfaces in contact with the wearer’s head.

The inside of the helmet starts with a concave 3D structure that is pre-shaped to match the contours of the rider’s head and any surfaces in contact with the head are stitch-free. The Lycra® and Shalimar® sanitised internal components are fully adjustable due to the fact that the position and depth of the crown pad can be modified as can the thickness of the cheek pads. The combination of these solutions, which are covered by three separate patents, make the Corsa fit the different cranial shapes as never before.


  • Outer shell in 4 sizes made from layers of SSL (fibreglass and aramid fibres)
  • Inner shell in EPS in 4 sizes;
  • Shell and EPS dimensions optimized using the FEM (Finite Elements Analysis) system.


  • Designed to maximise comfort, ergonomics, safety and aerodynamics.
  • Designed to minimise interference with racing suits and protective speed humps.

Ventilation/ Aerodynamics

  • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with wide channels hollowed directly in the shell and holes that direct air flow to the rider’s head.
  • Ventilation system designed and optimised in a wind tunnel, comprising 4 front air intakes (3 at the front and one on the chinguard) and 2 rear extractors
  • Air vents with open/close mechanism. Total surface area of air intakes 193% larger than on the GP-Tech
  • Large rear spoiler optimised in a wind tunnel to maximise aerodynamic performances and ventilation even at high speed. Spoilerdesigned to detach from the helmet in the event of an accident to increase the passive safety of the helmet.

Visor/ Visor mechanism

  • New visor mechanism in metal with swivel opening. Rapid visor release system requiring no tools and allowing visor to be removed and replaced in seconds. Surface of the visor mechanism reduced by 71% compared to the GP-Tech
  • Can be fitted with an external screw at bottom of the mechanism which reduces the risk of the visor detaching in the event of a fall (with Race screw kit). Visor front micro-lock system that reduces the risk of accidental opening, also in the event of an accident.
  • Scratch resistant, anti-fog RACE visor (4 layers) with a wide viewing angle and 100% protection against UV rays. Comes ready for tear-offs and with tear-off film kits.
  • The visor meets Class 1 optical standards and is free from visual distortion with a thickness up to 3.3 mm for extra protection
  • The field of vision is 15° wider than on the GP-Tech and its main rivals and has been optimised for a rider lying over the tank. Overall field of vision increased by about 9% compared to the GP-Tech and the main rivals.

Inner Liners

  • Removable nose guard
  • Removable windproof chin strap protection
  • Fully removable and washable inner liners
  • Breathable, micro-perforated Lycra® crown pad with concave 3D structure that is pre-shaped in a single piece to match shape of the head. Comes with no stitching in sensitive areas and differentiated density foam padding. Option of personalising the fit of the crown pad: Can be customised at the area around the back of the neck with the insertion of a removable foam pad. Sanitised 3D Shalimar® cheek pads with differentiated density foam and integral neck roll for improved comfort and sound-proofing; Inner liners covered by three patents; The fit of the cheek pads can be personalised
  • Double D retention system.

Valentino Rossi Yellow Energy Helmet

It is hard to convey how stunning this helmet looks via static images, so check out this 360 degree video of the AGV Valentino Rossi Corsa ‘Mirror’ helmet which does a better job of showing how eyecatching and different this helmet looks:

Image gallery of the Valentino Rossi Corsa Mirror helmet (click to enlarge):

You can expect to pick up a Limited Edition Valentino Rossi AGV Corsa for around $999 / £699. As this is a Limited Edition and most stock is sold out, then you may also find that this helmet can command high prices on

Amazon-new You can sometimes find stock from various sellers and prices from Amazon
ebay-logo To be honest, your best bet of picking up the Valentino Rossi Corsa Mugello 2015 helmet now is at