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Thomas Luthi is a Swiss motorcycle racer who won the 2005 125cc World Championship, before spending three years in the 250cc series. Currently he races in Moto2 and since joining the series he has never finshed a season outside of the top 6 and he remains a regular race winner.

Thomas Luthi races with Shoei helmets, and Shoei sometimes release Thomas Luthi replica helmets in their premium X-Eleven and X-Spirit series.

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Thomas Luthi helmet guide:
Luthi has raced with Shoei helmets for many years now and Shoei did put out a nice looking Tom Luthi helmet replica in their premium Shoei X-Eleven (also called the X-Spirit range in the US) which has now been superceded by the X-Spirit III range. Sadly Shoei have not yet released a Luthi replica in the latest X-Spirit range meaning it is currently very hard to track down a Tom Luthi helmet, which is a real shame as he has a killer looking black and yellow design in Moto2.

Keep your eye on this space though, as soon as Shoei release a new Thomas Luthi replica we’ll have it added here.

Thomas Luthi biography:
Born in Switzerland in 1986 Thomas L├╝thi first got into racing when he became interested in pocket bikes and started racing them competitively at the age of 9. He managed to win the pocket bike championships in 1999 and 2000 and in 2002 he moved into the European 125cc Class and finished in second place in the standings.

After success in the German 125cc series, Luthi joined the 125cc World Championship in 2002 racing for the Elit Grand Prix team taking part in 7 races. Luthi stayed with the team for the full 2003 season and went on to race for them in the 125cc Class until 2006. Luthi secured his first 125cc win in 2005 at Le Mans, and Luthi then went on to claim three more victories securing the 125cc World Championship in the process.

Luthi moved up to the 250cc class in 2007 and raced for the Emmi Caffe Latte team. He stayed in 250cc for three seasons and had a best finish of 7th place in the standings (2009).

Since 2012 Thomas Luthi has been racing in the Moto2 series and is a regular race winner.