Pol Espargaró AGV Corsa R 8H Suzuka helmet (2015)

Pol Espargaró AGV Corsa R 8H Suzuka helmet (2015)

Pol Espargaró AGV Corsa R 8H Suzuka helmet (2015)

A round of applause to AGV who seem to be bolstering their Corsa helmet range with a bunch of exciting new replica designs. After releasing the 2016 MotoGP Pol Espargaro in the new Corsa R helmet range, AGV are now making Espargaro’s helmet design that he wore for the 2015 Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race available also.

The Suzuka 8 Hour race is a motorcycle endurance race that is held at the Suzuka circuit in Japan. The race lasts for 8 hours and teams of 2 or 3 riders take turns racking up the laps over the duration of the event and teams are very often made up of existing riders from World Superbikes, MotoGP etc…. The event is highly respected in Japan but for some reason it fails to get the recognition and wider international exposure it deserves outside of Japan.

Pol Espargaro has won the event twice (2015 and 2016), and in 2015 he partnered with Bradley Smith (his MotoGP team-mate at the time) and Katsuaki Nakasuga to race for the “Yamaha Factory Racing Team”. The “Yamaha Factory Racing Team” went to win the event pretty comfortably.

This is the helmet design that Espargaro wore on track for the 2015 Suzuka 8 Hour race. The design was created by Starline Designers, the Italian design studio behind many iconic helmet designs in motorcycle racing, and it features a simple blue, white, and black colourway with the ‘Suzuka 8 Hours’ logo on either side of the chin. The white base also features Pol Espargaro’s race number ’44’ set into the pattern and the rear of the helmet features the number ’44’ in a Japanese flag design.

Pol Espargaro Suzuka 8 Hours

After winning the Suzuka 8 Hours race Pol Espargaro said:

“I’m so happy. It was an unbelievable race. I have to say sorry to my teammates because I made a mistake during the race. We had a stop and go penalty and we lost more than one minute. My teammates were impressive, they were so fast. I gave 200% when I went out on the bike to recover this gap that we lost and we did.”

This helmet design is being made available in AGV’s new Corsa R motorcycle helmet range. The Corsa R is the next evolution of AGV’s ‘Corsa’ helmet and it sits just under the Pista GP R (AGV’s MotoGP race helmet) in their range. The Corsa R is slightly different to the Pista GP – the Pista GP is a raw carbon fibre race helmet with many features scaled back to reduce weight, while the Corsa is a carbon, aramid and fibreglass composition with a lot more flexibilty meaning it holds its own on the track as well as the road. This is about as close as you can get to an AGV thoroughbred race helmet without splashing out even more money on the Pista GP R.

Description: AGV Corsa
The New Corsa-R offers most of the same features as the top-of-the-line Pista GP R but in a carbon-fibreglass shell and adjustable vents, the Corsa R is designed for uncompromising performance on the track but also has enough practical features to make it suited for the street as much as the track. A new interior construction provides a stable, pressure-free fit, and the patented, reversible crown pad features two distinct fabrics, allowing riders to select between warm and cool sides depending on conditions or personal preference. A removable nose guard and wind deflector are both included, and the Integrated Ventilation System (IVS) places intake ports at areas of maximum airflow.

The AGV Corsa R Helmet takes many features from AGV’s premium race helmet, the Pista GP R, and combine the raw performance with road-riding features such as adjustable ventilation and improved comfort, without sacrificing the performance standards of the GP model. It is basically AGV’s premium road model, but one you can also take for a tear-up on the racetrack.


  • Shell: SSL (Super Super Light) in composite fiber, aramid & Carbon Fiber
  • Number of Shells: 4 shell sizes
  • Ventilation System: IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with wide ducts hollowed into the shell
  • Interior: Breathable Lycra micro-porous lining and Dry-comfort fabric with sanitizing treatment
  • Interior: Fully removable and washable inner liners of CoolMax fabric
  • Face Shield: RACE 2 flat, non-scratch shield with wide field of vision and suitable for tear-offs
  • Shield Mechanism: XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) in metal with roto-translation opening
  • Quick Release Shield: For tool-free removal and replacement of the visor in seconds
  • Retention System: Double D
  • Safety Certification: DOT and SHARP 5 Star

Here is the Revzilla.com overview of the new AGV Corsa R helmet:

Image gallery of the Pol Espargaro AGV Corsa R helmet:

Our Summary:
The Corsa R is AGV’s latest revision to their popular Corsa helmet range. Be warned, this is an expensive helmet that is designed to appeal to the serious rider, and it is safe to say that you won’t be getting the full benefit of the Corsa R’s features and specifications if you are only using this to go to the local shops and back. The distinction that we tend to use is – think of the Pista GP R as AGV’s race helmet (stripped down and optimised for one purpose only: racing) and think of the Corsa R as a track helmet, that can also be used on the roads.

The Corsa R is created from composite construction shell made from carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass so it is heavier than the Pista GP R, but it still feels light and secure. The shape is ergonomically designed to be rounder at the back which then tapers inwards towards the front of the face giving it a sharp and aggressive shape that cuts through the air. The spoiler adds extra downforce and even at high speed the stability is noticable.

The Corsa R comes with practical features that you don’t get on the Pista GP R which are designed to make the helmet more functional for the average rider, such as the reversible crown padding which can be flipped around according to the weather, with one side optimised for cold days and other side created for hotter weather. The Corsa R also has operational air vents that can be opened and closed via a slider, where the Pista GP R just has open vents that need to be plugged with a special rubber bung in order to close them.

AGV have claimed that they feel like this is their ‘ultimate track helmet’, and it is hard to pick fault in the claim, especially when many of the accessories and parts for the Pista GP R (AGV’s ‘MotoGP helmet’) can also be used on the AGV Corsa R, which goes to show how close the two models actually are. For example, riders can take a spoiler from a Pista GP R helmet and fix it on to the Corsa R with no issue.

The Corsa R has many of the features that you get on the Pista GP R but comes with a Carbon-Aramidic-Fiberglass shell and enough flexibile and versatile features like adjustable vents to make it suitable for almost any use.

You can expect to pick up an AGV Corsa R with race graphics like this for around $999 / £700 – you can find it for less though if you shop around (links below). You may also find that the MotoGP and race replica designs ones carry a higher price point in some places. Check the links below for trusted sellers and deals.

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