Nicky Hayden Arai RX-7 Helmet

Nicky Hayden Arai RX-7 Helmet

Nicky Hayden Arai RX-7 Helmet

This is the Nicky Hayden replica helmet from Arai that features the design that Hayden was racing in around 2012 when he was in the factory Ducati MotoGP Team.

This was initially made available in their flagship RX-7 range – this range has since been superceded by newer models, but at the time this was Arai’s race-spec helmet and it sat proudly at the top of the range. The RX-7 was also hugely popular with riders and it is fair to say that most premium helmet models that Arai have created since have all just been incremental evolutions on the original RX-7 range.

This is a tough model to find now, but we have scoured a few links that you will find at the bottom of the page where you may still be able to pick one up.

Product Description of the Arai RX-7 GP Nicky Hayden helmet:
Arai is extremely proud to announce that the new RX-7 GP helmet is one of the very first to meet both ECE Regulation 22-05 and upcoming SNELL M2010 standard. The all-new Arai RX-7 GP is the most extensive race tested helmet ever. This successor to the legendary RX-7 Corsair, has been developed in actual MotoGP and Grand Prix races. Tested at high speeds on the straights of international racetracks. Designed for and used by winning professional riders. The RX-7 GP is in all respects the new benchmark in Arai’s helmet technology.

The result is the stunning new RX-7 GP with an adjustable Air Wing that significantly reduces buffeting and drag when the riders emerge from a full tuck when braking from high speeds, enhancing concentration. At the same time the Air Wing increases the top speed thanks to the improved aerodynamic properties of the new RX-7 GP.

Check out the Arai poster that was used to promote the release of the Nicky hayden helmet:
Nicky Hayden Poster


  • PENETRATION RESISTANT: The penetration test of falling the 3kg cone test striker through a height of 300cm is conducted, although it is not required by European helmet standards.
  • PATENTED SNC CONSTRUCTION: SNC ‘Structural Net Composite’ is Arai’s newest and most advanced shell construction. It incorporated a structural net reinforcing material embedded between Arai’s exclusive Super Complex Laminate Construction layers for an even more rigid, yet lighter outer shell.
  • HYBRID MULTIPLE-DENSITY FOAM EPS LINER: Arai’s unique technology of giving multiple different densities to the liner as a single component instead of assembling several different density liners to make the final part.
  • ERGONOMICALLY SHAPED SHELL: Enables a more enveloping fit toward the bottom opening allowing improved streamlining and a smarter appearance at the same time.
  • HYPER RIDGE: Reinforcement at the bottom of the outer shell for more strength, including the area around the rear exhaust vents.
  • DIFFUSER: Diffusers and ventilation ducts are integrated into the outer shell for a smooth helmet surface.
  • CHIN VENT: Two position vent with integrated charcoal filter: half open directs the airflow down, full open for visor demist function.
  • FFS: Combining new cheek pad designm redesigned neck roll, and extended pull-down chin spoiler helps reduce wind noise and increase the exhaust of hot air.
  • BREATH GUARD: Removable breath guard helps reduce fogging by directing breath away from the visor.
  • CHIN SPOILER: Unique Pull-Down airflow chin spoiler further helps minimise wind noise.
  • REMOVABLE INTERIOR: Plush removable, washable interior with Dry-Cool liner material utilises micro water cells to improve moisture and heat transfer keeps the head dryer and cooler.
  • CHINSTRAP:Covers made of Dry-Cool fabric for more comfort and better fit.
  • AERODYNAMIC SHELL: Offers minimum frontal area for excellent aerodynamics, great for racing purposes.
  • BROW VENTILATION: More cooling air in the upper face area without the need to drill holes in the shell.
  • LRS: Lever Release System. Visor change in seconds without tools.
  • DEMIST LOCK: Ventilates the visor, yet keeps it locked. Especially practical for around town use under damp weather conditions.
  • INTEGRATED HOLDERS: For a smooth aerodynamic shell surface.
  • Five Year Arai Warranty

Check out this video 360 degree view of this Nicky Hayden helmet:

Arai Nicky Hayden helmet review:

Image gallery of the Arai RX-7 GP Nicky Hayden Helmet:

Where to buy it:
Like we said, this replica is getting pretty old now but you can still find the odd one here and there (eBay is usually a good hunting ground for this Nicky Hayden replica also). If you dig about in the links below you might find some stock. Good luck.

Check out the Arai Nicky Hayden helmet at who still have some limited stock.
Check out the Arai Nicky Hayden Camo helmet at Bargains available.