Max Biaggi Suomy Halo Replica Helmet

Max Biaggi Suomy Halo Replica Helmet

Max Biaggi Suomy Halo Replica Helmet

This is the latest Max Biaggi replica helmet from Suomy, and they are making it available in their entry level Suomy Halo range, which means it is probably the cheapest Max Biaggi replica helmet on the market at the moment.

It is a lovely looking design that incorporates all the symbols that you would expect from a Max Biaggi replica helmet – it features Biaggi’s ‘pirate’ logo stamped on either side, with Biaggi’s famous race number ‘3’ placed in the middle of his crossbones logo. The helmet’s base is a red, green, and white colour scheme, as a tribute to Italy. There is also a grey and black camouflage pattern on the top and rear of the helmet.

The design was created by Bargy Design, the Italian design studio with a long association with motorcycle racing who have been behind many famous race designs and graphics.

The Max Biaggi replica is the only race replica available in the Suomy Halo range at the moment.

The Suomy Halo is basically Suomy’s everyday entry level and they have created it with a built in internal sun-visor (something that most other brands have started to include as standard) in the hope that it will appeal to everyday riders who value functionality above any other features. The Suomy Halo is basically set up to compete with similar models from other brands, like the AGV K3 SV.

Official description of the Max Biaggi Suomy Halo helmet:
The Suomy helmet has been created to make it a helmet for all road users. It has been studied and tested in wind tunnels to get a more efficient internal ventilation.

The Halo comes with a built-in sun visor

The inner lining and cheek pads are completely removable and washable, they are also available in different thicknesses and they can be matched together to get a customization of the helmet that suits you.

  • Integrated Drop Down Solar Visor – for Optimal Visibility, day or night
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell
  • Shield clear anti-scratch with Pinlock standard equipped.
  • Tool-less Quick Release Face Shield mechanism with 3-Position Ratchet
  • Removable/Washable Liner and Cheek Pads allows Custom Fit
  • Controllable Intake Venting keeps the rider Cool
  • Meets or Exceeds ECE and DOT standards
  • Internal polystyrene in 2 sizes (M and L).

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Our review of the Suomy Halo helmet:

The Suomy Halo is basically Suomy’s newest street helmet – it is a full face helmet with an in-built sun visor that drops down when activated. This helmet is squarely aimed at the everyday rider or for riders that are going touring as the built-in sun visor negates the need to pull over and switch visors in the event of sun glare. Practical features like this are given the focus in this entry level Suomy helmet.

The Visor: The internal sun visor is rapidly becoming a core feature for street or entry level helmets, and pretty much every major motorcycle helmet brand is currently integrating sun visors as standard features, so it is no surprise to see Suomy head down that direction as well. The visor is easy to operate via a lever on the side, which is easy to operate in gloves. Simply give it a pull and the visor slides down into place. Changing the main (external) visor is also simple and it is removed by using tabs positioned at the pivot point of the visor which pop out and allow you to simply slide the visor off.

One nice touch is Suomy are including a pinlock insert with this helmet to offer protection agaist fogging. Other (more expensive) Suomy models come with a coating on the visor that protects against visor fogging, so it is nice to see Suomy throw in a pinlock insert free into the box with the Halo.

Shell: The shell is made from Polycarbonate mix and feels light enough and didn’t cause any noticable strain after a couple of hours in the saddle. Like many Suomy helmets we find they can sometimes run a bit tight, the Halo seems a bit more rounded than previous models though, but maybe that was the effect of the padding – the helmet is a decent oval shape though.

Interior: The interior of the helmet is decent enough with all the standard features that you would expect – like antibacterial material, removable and fully washable padding etc…The cheekpads are simple to remove and are fastened in place with a velcro base – give it a sharp tug and they come right out.

Ventilation: The ventilation is functional enough with two large vertical air scoops on the chin, and two more placed at the top. Vents at the rear do a good enough job of pulling the air through and making sure it gets expelled, although we did find it to be slightly noisy compared to other models. But hey, this is a street helmet and it is clearly being pushed towards those riders that are probably only going to be hitting regular traffic speeds so it probably won’t be too much of an issue for most riders.

Price: This is the selling point of the Suomy Halo and it is going to be a big draw point for the brand and model. The Halo can be picked up at well under $200 / £150 (with some places even selling at £99 and $160 – check below for links), which makes it an excellent choice for regular riders who are after a decent everyday helmet, or for riders who are just looking for a well-priced spare helmet. Throw in the Biaggi paintjob on top and you are looking at a bargain for a helmet with race replica graphics. Currently the Biaggi paint job is the only replica graphics released in the Suomy Halo range.

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Where to buy it:

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