Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit II Montmelo Helmet

Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit II Montmelo Helmet

Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit II Montmelo Helmet

Looking for a Marc Marquez replica helmet that’s a bit different? Then we have you covered here – this is the Marc Marquez Shoei Montmelo helmet replica, and it is a nice break from the usual Red Ant motif that Marquez races with on his helmet on most MotoGP weekends.

Marc Marquez often brings a different helmet design to The Circuit de Catalunya at Montmelo to celebrate what is basically his home race. In the past Marquez has even held competitons to get the fans to design a new helmet design for the Catalunya race.

This blue and white design was used at Catalunya in 2013, during Marquez’s rookie season in the MotoGP premier class.

Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit II Montmelo Helmet

The design is predominantly blue and white on a metallic base, and the helmet has no sign of the iconic ‘Ant’ logo, instead, the top of the helmet features the word ‘RRRumble‘ in sharp lettering running from the back of the helmet and across the top towards the front. The top of the helmet is designed to look like a lightening flash, or a charge of electricity.

The left-hand side of the helmet features Marquez’s race number ’93’ on the chin, and the right-hand side features blue and white stripes.

Marc Marquez Shoei X-Spirit II Montmelo Helmet

The demands that a world-class racer puts on his or her equipment may be second to none, but that hasn’t stopped SHOEI from producing a pure racing helmet that can also meet the needs of today’s performance-driven enthusiasts. Born from racing, the X-Twelve combines integral feedback from professional racers around the globe with SHOEI’s 50 years of helmet building experience, the very latest in technology, and the most advanced materials known to man. Track certified by the fastest riders on the planet, the X-Twelve’s innovative features unite to form the most progressive racing helmet on the market.

Q.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self-Adjusting) Base Plate System:
Need to change from clear to tint? SHOEI’s Quick Release Self-Adjusting (QRSA) base plate system includes a locking mechanism that allows you to do just that in a snap – no tools, no hassle, no problems! Building on the successful QRBP, the QRSA maintains its predecessor’s easy-to-use features – like the simple shield release and attachment, and shield preset lever – but offers a significant advantage. SHOEI’s patented new spring-loaded technology featured in the QRSA eliminates the need to adjust base plates for proper sealing. Every time the shield is lowered, the spring-loaded base plates pull the shield back to contact the window beading evenly, ensuring a wind and waterproof seal.

CW-1 Shield:
The all-new CW-1 shield is both wider and taller than the CX-IV that it replaces. In addition, the CW-1 shield protects SHOEI riders from 99% of the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays, and the three-dimensional injection-molding process ensures distortion free vision.
Another advantage of the CW-1 shield is its ability to work in conjunction with SHOEI’s optional Pinlock system to deliver fog-free vision in even the most challenging conditions.
The new CW-1 Pinlock lens is larger, and offers fog-free viewing to the very top of the helmet’s larger eye port.

AIM+ Shell Construction (Snell M2010-Approved):
SHOEI’s proprietary AIM+ technology combines fiberglass with organic fibers that are so strong they can only be cut with a laser. The end result is a stronger, lighter shell that will absorb and distribute the force of an impact safely and efficiently.

Five Shell Sizes:
SHOEI offers an industry-leading five shell sizes in the new X-Twelve to ensure a custom fit for heads between the sizes of XS – XXL.

Aero Edge 2 Spoiler:
The X-Twelve’s Aero Edge 2 Spoiler helps minimize lift at high speeds, and thus wind drag from the rider and motorcycle. In addition, increased negative air pressure improves exhaust performance to help ventilate the helmet.

Ventilation System:
It’s not uncommon for a racing environment to get blazing hot, which is why ventilation was a top priority when designing the new X-Twelve. The X-Twelve features five (5) intake and ten (10) exhaust vents, making it the most aggressively ventilated helmet SHOEI has ever produced. Wind tunnel testing identified the very best locations and shapes of intake and exhaust ports to maximize airflow, including the suction effect that’s created as low pressure air travels toward the rear of the helmet. With this in mind, the X-Twelve features new Side Extractor Vents developed by SHOEI’s MotoGP racing service to help clear warm, humid air from the racer’s face.

Dual-Layer EPS Liner:
Dual layer liner yields enhanced impact absorption by adjusting thickness and density in key areas.
Inner liner features air channels for efficient cooling.
Impact-absorbing EPS liner throughout the entire chin bar.

3D Max Dry Interior System:
The X-Twelve is equipped with a fully removable, washable, and replaceable 3D Max Dry liner. SHOEI’s proprietary Max Dry material has been proven to absorb and dissipate sweat two-times faster than traditional nylon interiors. In addition, the X-Twelve’s interior components are three-dimensionally shaped to match the contours of a rider’s head.

E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System):
Mechanical tabs disengage cheek pads for easy removal by emergency medical personnel. Helmet can be removed with minimum load to rider in emergency situations.

Chin Curtain:
The chin curtain can be inserted into the lower edge of the chin bar to reduce wind turbulence and noise.

Breath Guard:
The breath guard can be inserted into the upper edge of the chin bar to help reduce fogging by diverted exhausted breath down out the bottom of the helmet.

Five-Year Warranty:
Five-year warranty from purchase date. Seven-year warranty from helmet manufacture date. Whichever comes first.

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As you can see, this is a pretty slick looking Marc Marquez replica helmet that’s a bit different to most of the ones you usually see out on the streets. So where can you buy it? It is still available, but it is getting harder and harder to find as stocks slowly run out – but you can still find stock and good prices from the reliable vendors below with deep discounts and closeout pricing.

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