Marc Marquez Shoei NXR Indy Helmet

Marc Marquez Shoei NXR Indy Helmet

Marc Marquez Shoei NXR Indy Helmet

This is a real favorite of ours – it is the helmet that Marc Marquez wore in 2014 for the Indianapolis MotoGP.

The design is suitably patriotic from a US standpoint, and the graphics are based around the stars and stripes. The helmet has blue base at the front that features large white stars on either side. The rear of the helmet has a white base with red stripes that run back towards the rear where the usual Marquez ‘Ant’ logo is replaced by a man waving chequered flags with the words ‘USA 93′ on it. The sides of the helmet also feature Marquez’s race number ’93’ in large numbers.

Marc Marquez revealed his special helmet design for Indianapolis on social media before the race:

Shoei are now releasing this design in their wildly popular NXR range, which is also known as RF-1200 depending on where you are in the world. Either way, whatever the name is in your part of the world, this is a stunning mid-range and affordable lid with great safety features and flexibility for road use, and enough tech and development that has come from the race-track to keep performance riders happy. There are very good reasons why the NXR / RF-1200 is Shoei’s bestselling helmet on a regular basis.

Check out the video below from Marc Marquez showing off this stunning helmet design at Indianapolis:

Marc Marquez Indianapolis

Pure sports full-face helmets which fits perfectly for comfortable sports riding

What is required from the performance of a helmet for sports riding?
In addition to safety, aerodynamics, clear vision, a ventilation system which truly performs as well as compact and light motion performance are required. The NXR from SHOEI is the new pure sports full-face helmet for the modern rider who demands a world-class sports performance.

Compact Design
The NXR boasts a newly designed shell – smaller in size, this new slim and light shape is realised through the use of a redesigned shell baseline on both sides.

Effective ventilation Performance
Three straight hole intakes in forehead – 4 outlets located inside parts realize air exhaustion that is improved upon from the XR-1100.

The reduction of wind noise has been improved by restraining the cause of noise. This has been achieved by the improvement of wind beading and utilising larger cheek and ear pads.

Visor System
The NXR utilises a completely new visor and base plate system. While Shoei’s world-renowned design for hassle free fitting and removing of the visor is maintained, the base plate can be adjusted front and rear by rotating a dial.

Shell/Liner Sizes
7 Sizes from XXS to XXL

Moisture Absorption Quick Dry Interior Fabric
Advanced fabric with high moisture absorption and quick drying properties is used throughout all interiors.

Pinlock Fog-free Lens
The NXR comes supplied with Pinlock Fog-Free lens.

Check out the video review of the Shoei Marquez MotoGP helmet:

Image gallery of the Marc Marquez Shoei NXR Indy Helmet:

Marc Marquez Indianapolis

This Marc Marquez Shoei NXR is a solid helmet, and can hold its own on the track, as well as being a viable and comfortable everyday street helmet – there is a reason why the NXR is regularly Shoei’s most popular helmet and it is down to the combination of performance and practicality that makes the NXR versatile enough to be used in most riding situations (track days and everyday road use).

Probably the most outstanding feature that the NXR comes with is the quick removal system. In the event of an accident or any other issue that may require the helmet to be removed without causing undue stress to the wearer, there are simple tabs positioned at the inner base of the helmet that can be lifted up which pops out the cheek pads so the helmet can be easily removed. This feature is unique to Shoei and up to now it was only available on their top-range race specification helmets, so it is great to see it appear on the NXR range.

Shoei released this is limited edition numbers, and unsurprisingly stock of this amazing Marquez design sold pretty quickly. It is fair to say that stock availability is now running low, but you will still find some retailers who are carrying units that you can snag with some discount pricing now. Failing that, there is always ebay. Check the links at the bottom of the page to find out who is stocking it still.

Where to buy it:

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