Marc Marquez Shoei NXR Digi Ant Helmet

Marc Marquez Shoei NXR Digi Ant Helmet

Marc Marquez Shoei NXR Digi Ant Helmet

This is another new, and beautiful, Marc Marquez replica helmet that has been released by Shoei for 2016.

Released in the Shoei NXR (also known as RF-1200) range, this is a quality helmet optimised for performance, while being equally at home on the street – and it is a more affordable model than the premium Shoei X-14 / X-Spirit range where the usual Marquez replicas are released.

This is probably the best way to get a new Marc Marquez MotoGP helmet at a reasonable price, without compromising on performance or quality.

The graphics on this Marc Marquez helmet is known as ‘Digi-Ant’ and it is a great looking twist on the usual Marquez Ant logo. This helmet design has been worn a number of times in MotoGP by Marc Marquez, and has also been used on a regular basis in the MotoGP test sessions.

The design is stunning, it is a really intricate black and white graphical design that is packed full of detail. Two-tone graphics in this style are sometimes referred to as ‘Sharpie Art’ as it looks like a Sharpie pen, a permanent marker, has been used to add the intricate patterns and crazy detail.

Marc Marquez Honda

The design features Marc Marquez’s famous ‘ant’ motif – Marquez chose the ant as his logo early on in his career as it is a small creature with great strength for its size, and works hard. The Ant is placed on the top of the helmet as usual, but for this helmet it has an extra graphical flair and it is surrounded by smaller details and patterns. The rest of the helmet expands on the tribal design and various words have been worked into the design, including the word ‘Hormiga‘, which is Spanish for ant.

The rear of the helmet features a large ’93’ with a red border, the only splash of colour on this wonderful looking lid.

Another unique feature about this Marquez replica is the shell – this helmet has rubber coating. The rubberised matt finish gives a wonderful effect and it also ensures that the detail stays sharp and visible in the day. It will probably also reduce scratches from showing up like they can on a more standard gloss finish helmet.

Pure sports full-face helmets which fits perfectly for comfortable sports riding

What is required from the performance of a helmet for sports riding?
In addition to safety, aerodynamics, clear vision, a ventilation system which truly performs as well as compact and light motion performance are required. The NXR from SHOEI is the new pure sports full-face helmet for the modern rider who demands a world-class sports performance.

Compact Design
The NXR boasts a newly designed shell – smaller in size, this new slim and light shape is realised through the use of a redesigned shell baseline on both sides.

Effective ventilation Performance
Three straight hole intakes in forehead – 4 outlets located inside parts realize air exhaustion that is improved upon from the XR-1100.

The reduction of wind noise has been improved by restraining the cause of noise. This has been achieved by the improvement of wind beading and utilising larger cheek and ear pads.

Visor System
The NXR utilises a completely new visor and base plate system. While Shoei’s world-renowned design for hassle free fitting and removing of the visor is maintained, the base plate can be adjusted front and rear by rotating a dial.

Shell/Liner Sizes
7 Sizes from XXS to XXL

Moisture Absorption Quick Dry Interior Fabric
Advanced fabric with high moisture absorption and quick drying properties is used throughout all interiors.

Pinlock Fog-free Lens
The NXR comes supplied with Pinlock Fog-Free lens.

Check the Revzilla video review of the Shoei Marc Marquez Digi Ant helmet below:

Image gallery of the Marc Marquez Shoei NXR Digi Ant Helmet:

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