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Luca Marini is an Italian motorcycle racer who has competed in Moto3 and in Moto2.

Luca Marini is relatively new to Grand Prix racing, but he comes from a good racing pedigree as he is the half-brother of Valentino Rossi, which is quite a family history to carry around with you on your shoulders. The family link with Valentino Rossi brings Marini a lot of attention and scrutiny, but so far Marini hasn’t let the extra pressure get to him as he forges his own reputation on track.

Luca Marini has mostly raced professionally in AGV helmets, and AGV have released a Marini replica helmet in their affordable K3 SV range.

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Luca Marini seems to take after his brother (Valentino Rossi) in his approach to helmet design using lots of bright colours and distinctive and fun patterns – Marini uses Radici Design di Luca Radici, to create his helmet designs, and he also has copnnections to Aldo Drudi. In an interview with MCN Marini talked about his approach to helmet design and about creating his own distinct personality:

“I always wanted to find some design with a lot of colours for my helmet, with a lot of fluoro, and with a lot of orange because it’s my favourite colour. With Aldo Drudi, the designer of my brother, we try to find something new every year, something innovative, and try to do something colourful!”

Currently you can only get a Luca Marini replica helmet in the AGV K3 SV range. The K3 SV is an ‘everyday’ helmet that sits towards the lower end of the AGV range, but it is a solid lid and very affordable.