Loris Capirossi Airoh GP-500 Replica Helmet

Loris Capirossi Airoh GP-500 Replica Helmet

Loris Capirossi Airoh GP-500 Replica Helmet

Airoh have released a great looking Loris Capirossi replica helmet and have released it in their Airoh GP-500 range.

Capirossi is sadly no longer racing anymore, but this design captures the graphical flourishes and icons that Capirossi raced with in the later part of his career.

The helmet features a black and white base with Capirossi’s race number ’65’ on one side running around the crown. Capirossi’s nickname ‘Capirex’ runs around the sides in large lettering, with the letter ‘C’ also positioned on the top of the helmet. Capirossi’s signature appears on the rear above the large Airoh logo.

loris capirossi

Official Description of the Airoh Loris Capirossi helmet:
The Airoh GP 500 is a racing helmet made from 100% Carbon Kevlar material, and it is designed and conceived for the champions of speed. Thanks to the use of fine materials and a concentration of technology, the GP 500 is ready to make its mark. Every detail has been developed thanks to the collaboration between racers and technicians, thus obtaining a high-performing helmet in all of its features: three different shell sizes, a certified face visor that is 50% tinted, predisposition for installation of the tear off, face visor locking system, the visor’s antifog position and the emergency system for the release of cheek pads. Its prerogatives are safety, maximum performance and enviable comfort.


  • ‘Max Vision’, Self Adjusting Quick Release Visor – with 50% Tinting (Homologated)
  • Equipped with Pinlock, Tearoff posts, & Visor Locking System
  • A.E.F.R. (Airoh Emergency Fast Remove): The airoh system which allows a quick removal of the cheek pads in emergency situations
  • Tear Off Coupling: Visor equipped with eccentric pins on the outside for the application of Tear Off Visor
  • Entirely ‘Made in Italy’
  • 100 per cent ‘Carbon Kevlar’ shell construction / 3 shell sizes
  • Wind Tunnel Tested for Optimized Aerodynamics & Hi Flow Ventilation System
  • AEFR – ‘AIROH Emergency Fast Remove’ Cheek Pads
  • Removable Washable / Sanitized Transpiring Liner
  • Spoilers front & rear for stability
  • Nose Deflector, & ‘wind stop’ chin curtain
  • ECE Approved
  • Available in: Small, Medium, Large, XL


  • Material: 100% Carbon Kevlar
  • Weight: ultralight from 1200g

Image gallery of the Loris Capirossi Airoh GP-500 Replica Helmet:

Our Review of the Airoh GP500:

The Airoh GP 500 is Airoh’s top-of-range race specification helmet (as the ‘GP’ in the name should indicate), however Airoh have arguably added enough flexible features in order to make it appealing to the average biker. This is a helmet that can easily double up as a street helmet, as well as a track helmet.

Let’s get one thing straight first, this is a helmet that has been designed to perform on a race track and many of the functionality and features that Airoh have included on this helmet have been made with racing in mind.

The helmet is very light, the medium size weighs in at around 1250g making it one of the lightest is the race helmet category. Despite the lightness all the features on the helmet feel solid and tightly fitted, and you don’t feel that safety is compromised due to the light weight.

Ventilation is excellent, with 4 main air inlets at the front of the helmet poistioned on the chin and also on the top above the visor. One interesting feature is that for a race helmet there is a lot of flexibility in how you configure the air vents. In other models, the AGV Pista for example, the air vents are set to ‘always open’ and you need to plug them with a bung if you need them closing. The Airoh GP 500 has vents that you can configure in order to control just how much air you want flowing in to the helmet. This is just one example of the flexibility that Airoh have built into the features on the Airoh GP 500 that makes this helmet a good option for people who are looking for a race helmet that can also double up as a street helmet.

One standout feature on the Airoh GP 500 that we haven’t seen on many other helmets are the side vents. These vents are positioned just under the cheeks on either side of the helmet and really contribute to the airflow throughout the helmet. The exhaust vents on the rear are up to spec with what you would expect to find on a helmet that has been built for racing and speed – they have spoilers on them to increase downforce and stability when riding at speed. In our opinion the ventilation on the Airoh GP 500 is one of the best that we have experienced in a long time, and the extra ventilation on the cheeks don’t seem to increase internal noise within the helmet.

The visor on the Airoh GP 500 is really thick and it is really solid and stable when riding at speed – another feature that has been created with the racer in mind. One drawback from our point of view is that the visor only really has 3 pre-set positions – closed, half-open, and fully open. This is fine for track riders, but anyone wanting a decent street helmet might find it frustrating that it doesn’t really suppport a ‘cracked’ position, which is arguably the most common visor position that most street riders will be using (other than the fully closed position). This is a compromise that you will need to think about if you are only looking for a helmet for your daily commute.

Airoh Emergency Cheeck Pad Removal System

The inner lining and padding is luxurious and comfortable, and the Airoh GP 500 comes with a nice safety feature where the cheek-pads can be easily removed via two red straps positioned at the base of the helmet (see image).

This means that in the event of an accident a medical crew can easily remove the cheek-pads by tugging on the straps and sliding them out. This makes it easier and less traumatic for the rider in getting access to the head and removing the helmet.

Check this 360 degree video view of the Capirossi Airoh MotoGP Helmet:

All in all the Airoh GP 500 is a solid helmet that combines are really nice blend of racing technology and performance features with enough flexibility to make it a viable option for road use.

Price & Availability:
Whilst Airoh GP 500 are relatively easy to get hold of, this Loris Capirossi version is a little more difficult to track down. Airoh GP 500 usually retail for around £500 / $620, but to be honest you can usually find outlets online that will be offering significant dicounts, so don’t expect to be playing full price for one.

We have pulled together some links below of shops that we know had stock available of this Capirossi replica at the time of writing, but to ne honest heading to ebay might be your best option now.:

Where to buy it:

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