Jorge Lorenzo Shark Race R Pro Carbon 'Shark Monster' helmet

Jorge Lorenzo Shark Race R Pro Carbon ‘White Shark’ helmet

Jorge Lorenzo Shark Race R Pro Carbon 'Shark Monster' helmet

Shark helmets have now released the ‘Great White Shark’ helmet design that Jorge Lorenzo had created for the 2016 Aragon MotoGP, and it is a beauty!

The story behind the design:
Lorenzo came up with this helmet design as a response to Valentino Rossi’s 2015 Misano helmet that had a design that portrayed Rossi as a plucky little fish trying out outswim a Great White Shark. The press and the fans instantly suggested the Lorenzo was the Shark, as he was closing down Rossi’s lead in the Championship at that time, despite Rossi stating the Shark signified all the racers on the grid.

Anyway, Lorenzo loved it and he played up to the drama by making a Shark ‘fin’ gesture at the next race at Aragon when he won. Then a year later in 2016 he stoked the fire even more when he had this Great Whiet Shark helmet created for the Aragon MotoGP. Read the full story HERE.

The design itself basically turned the entire helmet into a savage Great White shark with its mouth wide open and its teeth bared. The design is created around the visor and eye-port making the hole look like the shark’s open mouth.

The helmet also features the official sponsors that Lorenzo had at the time, so you get the green Monster claws on either side of the helmet, as well as the Monster Energy logo on the sides of the chin. The front of the chin and the rear of the helmet features the Eurasian Bank sponsor logo.

Shark Helemts have now made this wonderful design available in their premium Race R Pro Carbon range, and it is a performamce rider’s dream. If you have already made up your mind and know you want this already after taking once glance at it, then check the links at the bottom of the page to find out where to buy it!

**Important: This is a limited edition and is only being created in a small batch – each helmet will be numbered and initial orders also come with a free pair of Skull Rider Sunglasses.

Lorenzo Shark Aragon

Official Description of the Jorge Lorenzo Shark Race-R Pro Carbon helmet:
The Jorge Lorenzo Shark Race-R Pro Carbon is the leading Shark race helmet and it is now available in Lorenzo’s Great White Shark deisgn from Aragon 2016, and at just 1250g it’s one of the lightest helmets around. The shell is made from a blend of Carbon and Kevlar. You may have seen reference to a Carbon/Aramid shell construction, but Kevlar is simply a registered trademark, and better known term, for aramid. It’s no wonder that the best riders put their faith in the Shark Race-R Pro Carbon since it’s been awarded 5 stars in the government’s SHARP safety rating and of course it’s ECE 22/05 and ACU approved.

The Shark Race-R Pro Carbon Jorge Lorenzo has been designed with optimised aerodynamics, which together with the rear spoiler mean that it efficiently cuts through the air. The inner lining is made from a bamboo fibre for extra comfort and the quick release anti-scratch visor has been treated on the inside for anti-fogging. The helmet is secured with a double D-ring and the Shark Race-R Pro Carbon features a removable and washable inner lining (cool wash).


  • ECE and ACU approved.
  • Sharp 5 star rating.
  • Developed to meet the demands required at the highest level of racing competition: lightness, stability, comfort, ventilation.
  • Double blade spoiler to aid high speed aerodynamic force.
  • Optical class 1 visor with variable density (2.8mm around edges and 4.25mm in centre) which offering near perfect optical quality.
  • Patented 4 anchor point visor safety lock.
  • Magnetic chin strap.
  • Shell constructed from carbon fibre and kevlar.
  • Anti-scratch & anti-fog visor treatment.
  • Quick release visor system.

Size Head (cm)
XS 53-54
SM 55-56
MD 57-58
LG 59-60
XL 61-62
2XL 63-64

And here is the poster announcing the release of this limited edition Jorge Lorenzo helmet:
Shark Lorenzo helmet poster

Our buying guide and opinion on the Jorge Lorenzo Race-R Pro Carbon helmet (White Shark):

Firstly, as premium race replica helmets go, the Shark Race R range is actually pretty affordable, sure it is expensive at over £500 but it is competitive when stacked up against other premium race helmet brands with race replica graphics. But price isn’t everything and the Shark Race R has received a 5 star SHARP safety rating which is reassuring to know. The range also has very sleek and aggressive lines, and the helmet looks like it is ready to slice through the air.

The shell is made from carbon fiber which not only gives it a wonderful look, it also gives the helmet extra-strength, without needing to increase the overall weight of it. In fact this model is one of the lightest race replicas you’ll find out there at 1250g. The shell has also been influenced by feedback from professional racers and it is shaped to minimise air resistance with the sharp and aerodynamic design. The actual shell comes in 2 sizes and it is more of an oval shape, as opposed to round, allowing air to flow more easily around the helmet and reducing resistance at high speed. The shell also features a rather unique double spoiler built into it at the rear – two blades can be found at the upper-rear part of the helmet to minimize drag at high speed – a nice touch.

Exposed carbon looks pretty cool on a helmet, but you don’t really get the effect with this model due to the shark design covering the entire shell, which is a shame, but the design is so great that you probably won’t care anyway.

Okay, let me put it this way, you won’t be short of ventilation on this Shark model as it comes with eleven intake and exhaust vents. The vents can be manually adjusted allowing the rider to define the volume of air that can come through the vents. The vents have basic positions that are easily adjusted so you can have them open, filtered and even closed. The vents are positioned at various points around the helmet so you can really customise how you want the airflow to move around the interior of the lid – for example, there are a couple of vents at the top and rear that are positioned to allow the air to cool the back of your head, while at the same time creating a vacuum that pulls air from the front of the helmet fully through to the rest of the interior.

Jorge Lorenzo Shark

The visor seems slightly thicker than other models giving it a more sturdy feel, presumably optimised for high speed and track riding. Removing the visor is pretty simple, there is a clasp on either side that allows you to swap the visor out easily. Shark have also given the visor a special anti-scratch coating to make it last longer, and it also comes with an anti-fog treatment, although we never had the chance to test this feature out.

The lining in the helmet is very thick, it gives the feeling of extra security, but it may take a bit of getting used to if this is your first Shark helmet – it took us a few days to shake off the feeling that it was too tight, however the good news here is that the padding can be ordered in multiple sizes, so maybe we just had the wrong one for our head. There is also space inside for a communication syatem – assuming you buy an official Sharktooth one, as the space is basically optimised to fit with their own brand.

Want more info on this Lorenzo helmet – then check out Revzilla’s review of the Shark Race-R Pro Carbon helmet in the video review below:

Image gallery of the Jorge Lorenzo ‘Shark’ helmet:

Lorenzo Aragon MotoGP

Where to buy it:

This helmet is available to order online, check the links below, but be aware that it is only being released in strictly limited numbers, so if you want to secure one then don’t hang around as I would expect this helmet to sell out pretty quickly given its unique and striking design.

Check out the Jorge Lorenzo Shark helmet at UK based but ship most places with great customer service, recommended.
Check out the Shark Jorge Lorenzo helmet at . Stock available.