Jorge Lorenzo HJC RPHA 11 Indianapolis Replica Helmet

Jorge Lorenzo HJC RPHA 11 Indianapolis Replica Helmet

Jorge Lorenzo HJC RPHA 11 Indianapolis Replica Helmet

Jorge Lorenzo has a long history of pulling a special helmet design out of the bag for the Indianapolis MotoGP. In the past he has showed up with a Captain America helmet design (2009), Iron Man (2010), The Black Mamba (2012), The Green Mamba (2013), the Speed Machine (2014), so fans eagerly awaited what he had in store for 2015.

For the 2015 Indianapolis MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo decided to revisit an old helmet design that he had first used in 2010 – the Space helmet, or sometimes known as the Moon helmet.

This updated version wasn’t too different from the helmet design he wore for Laguna Seca in 2010 where he celebrated victory by pretending to do a moonwalk while planting a Lorenzo’s Land flag at the top of the corkcscrew.

The helmet for Indy had the black frame around the visor giving the impression of a large space helmet visor, with a Nasa logo on the top that reads ‘Jorge’ instead of NASA, and also features a US flag. The rear of the helmet is more simple than the original 2010 version (which had Neil Armstrong’s footprint) and simply features Lorenzo’s Eurasian bank sponsor logo. It’s not our favorite Lorenzo one-off helmet, but it is still pretty cool and will cause a few double-takes from the general public if you are wearing it out on the roads.

Lorenzo posted many photos of the helmet on the iconic strip of bricks that runs across the Indianapolis start/finish line.

jorge lorenzo moon helmet

The replica version of this Jorge Lorenzo 2015 Indy helmet is now being made available in the HJC RPHA 11 range as a limited edition, complete with Lorenzo’s ‘Monster Energy’ sponsorship logos on it. The RPHA 11 is the latest version of HJC’s premium racing helmet range.

Product Description of the Jorge Lorenzo HJC RPHA 11 Indy helmet:
The all new RPHA 11 takes the already great RPHA 10 and improves it. The most notable changes include an aerodynamically enhanced shell, improved rear spoiler, and forehead vent. The RPHA 11 has a more aerodynamic shell, an improved rear spoiler design, ACS “Advanced Channeling Ventilation System”, an added forehead vent, a greater field of view, a redesigned face shield gasket system and both clear and smoke tinted optically-superior Pinlock-ready 2D flat-racing shields round out the features of this helmet.

  • RapidFire™ Shield Replacement System: Simple and secure shield ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool-less removal and installation for efficient operations.
  • Aerodynamic shell structure for extreme performance at maximum speeds.
  • Emergency Kit (Cheek Pads) for safe and quick rescue in emergency situation.
  • Wider eye port provides better peripheral vision for riders.
  • Enhanced Shield Dual Lock System for high speed racing condition.
  • Multicool Interior with advanced anti-bacteria fabric provides enhanced moisture wicking and quick drying function than previous generation. Crown and cheek pads are removable and washable.
  • 1300g +/- 50g
  • P.I.M. Plus
  • It comes standard with both the 2D Dark Smoke Shield and the Anti-fog insert lens.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Here is the official HJC launch video for the RPHA 11 helmet range:

    Full in-depth review from Revzilla of the HJC RPHA 11 Pro helmet:

    Image gallery of the HJC RPHA 11 Lorenzo Indianapolis Space / Moon helmet:

    Our HJC RPHA 11 review:

    The HJC RPHA range remains a favorite of ours as it combines reasonable price-points for a top range brand helmet with a solid range of features and construction quality. In our testing it became clear quite quickly that the HJC RPHA 11 wasn’t just a minor update to the already solid RPHA 10, and it is clear that HJC have spent some serious time and research on upgrading this popular range from the inside out in order to really craft a new helmet model. Oh yeah, and the price point is still very, very, reasonable when compared with other comparable premium brands – the HJC comes in at $/£100s cheaper.

    The Shell:
    The shell is made of a material that is a combination of fiber, aramid, glass and carbon, and they are intertwined in a matrix that provides a greater strength without compromising on weight – from the moment you pick the RPHA 11 up it feels surprisingly light. It is advertised at weighing in at just 1.3Kg (for the medium size) which is less than most comparable composite helmets. HJC call this shell the PIM+ (which stands for Premium Integrated Matrix Plus).

    The shape of the RPHA 11 also feels slightly less rounded when compared to the RPHA 10 with more work seemingly gone into producing more aggressive looking lines.

    HJC have advertised the RPHA 11 as having a wider field of vision which has been created by widening the visor aperture. When compared to the RPHA 10 I have to admit it was difficult to spot an obvious difference, even with the head right down on the tank. No complaints though as the field of vision was still good, just very hard to distinguish a difference between the two models (HJC state that the aperture has been lifted by 5mm – which probably explains why we can’t see an obvious difference).

    The visor also has a simplified sealing system and HJC have done away with the two pivots that existed in the RPHA 10 Plus; now you just need to press upwards on the closing tab and it will be unlocked to lift the visor. Another lovely touch from HJC is the inclusion of a Pinlock anti-fog screen as standard – so there is no need to spend more getting one as an extra as some other brands force you to do.

    jorge lorenzo indy 2015

    Ventilation has also had a re-working when compared with the RPHA 10. Two ventilation inlets sit in the chin at the front and two sit at the top above the visor on the sides, with an extra ventilation strip in the center above the visor – all these inlets are wider than the RPHA 10 and pull in a greater airflow. The upper vents are controlled by a wheel (which was introduced in the RPHA 10 model if I recall correctly) meaning it is easy to set the desired size of the opening on the intake even when wearing thick gloves (no fiddling about with sliders and switches). These wheels on the RPHA 11 have a rubber coating (which the RPHA 10 did not have) making it even easier to operate with gloves on, or presumably in wet weather.

    The are also side vents at the rear and two larger vents at the back to ensure that stale air and moisture are effectively extracted.

    It feels like the most radical changes in the HJC RPHA 11 has taken place in the interior, at least that is where we noticed some of the most radical differences. The material used is different than that used in older HJC models and the new padding segments are all optimised for their location and function. The material that is more exposed also has a sealed finish on it (it almost feels like it has been given a rubber coating) that basically repels water and prevents moisture absorption coming from the outside of the helmet or from your leathers or riding gear, so dampness won’t creep up from the base. The side padding also has an innovative removable system which can be used in the event of an emergency to allow medics to more easily gain access to your head – this is new to the RPHA 11.

    This is a worthy flagship helmet for the HJC brand and stays true to the HJC ethos of providing quality with resonable and affordable pricing. This is a helmet that is made for speed and is totally at home on track, make no mistake this is a race helmet at heart – but it is also a helmet that has the sort of features that also make it excellent for everyday road use, and a price that is genuienly giving the rider vaue for money. It is packed with features you’d be paying 100s of pounds or dollars more if this was an AGV or Arai.

    Where to buy the Jorge Lorenzo HJC RPHA 11:
    This RPHA 11 with the Lorenzo graphics is a limited edition so expect stocks to run low quickly, however the links below have been chosen to help you find some specific vendors who are still carrying stock.

    FCMoto-logo7 Get it from who are based in Europe and have some stock left. Thye ship globally too. Recommended.
    motoin_de Get it from a EU based shop who also ship globally.
    Amazon-new You can also get stock from a variety of sellers on Amazon
    ebay-logo You can also get stock from a variety of sellers on