Jorge Lorenzo HJC RPHA 10 Plus Speed Machine Helmet

Jorge Lorenzo HJC RPHA 10 Plus Speed Machine Helmet

Jorge Lorenzo HJC RPHA 10 Plus Speed Machine Helmet

Okay so as replica helmets go this is about as badass looking as they come – this is the Jorge Lorenzo ‘Speed Machine’ helmet that he wore for the 2014 Indianapolis MotoGP, and it is now available as a replica to buy in the HJC RPHA-10 Plus helmet range.

The helmet was painted by the famous Italian-based Starline Desingers studio and it was kind of a spin on the past ‘Mamba’ snake helmet designs that Lorenzo had previously worn, but this time updated in a futuristic style making it look look a machine, it is even called ‘speed machine’. Awww, who you kidding Jorge, it’s the Terminator and you just didn’t want to get sued by James Cameron.

This is a stunning design and the metallic paint-job coupled with the glaring red eyes that stare out above the visor make this one of the most aggressive looking lids that we have seen in a long time. The rear features Lorenzo’s ‘Spartan’ motif and you get the official Monster Energy Claws on either side for that authentic race helmet look.

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but there is no question that this is a helmet that commands attention.


Official Description:
Designed for superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology, the HJC RPHA10 helmet is constructed from Advanced P.I.M. (Premium Integrated Matrix) a composite of Carbon fiber, Fiberglass epoxy, Aramid epoxy, and Organic fibers resulting in a remarkably strong and extremely lightweight helmet.

  • Advanced P.I.M. (Premium Integrated Matrix) Fiberglass: Fiberglass composite shell made from a blend of carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid and organic non-woven fabric
  • Max Airflow Top Vent: Six-Stage variable airflow is adjusted by glove-friendly dials on each intake vent
  • ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Full front-to-back airflow flushes heat and humidity out of the interior
  • SilverCool Plus™ Interior: Soft, moisture-wicking and odor-free interior with ginkgo extract and advanced silver antibacterial fabric. Crown and cheek pads are fully removable and washable
  • Rapidfire™II Shield Replacement System: Simple and secure shield ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool-less removal and installation for efficient operation
  • Pinlock Prepared HJ-20 Shield: Optically superior Pinlock®-prepared 2D face shield provides 95% UV protection Innovative center one-touch open/close locking system is designed for an extremely secure seal. Simple and secure RapidFire™ shield replacement system offers ultra-quick, tool-less removal and installation
  • Built-In Communication Speaker Pockets
  • Max Air-flow top vent: Variable air flow is adjusted by glove-friendly dials on each intake vent
  • 2-Stage shield closure system with one-touch center locking system makes for an extremely tight and secure seal
  • 3 shell sizes
  • 5 year limited Warranty
  • Meets or exceeds SNELL & D.O.T. standards


Here is Revzilla’s video review of the Lorenzo Speed Machine helmet:

About HJC:
HJC has been designing & manufacturing high quality protective helmets since the early 1950s. In the 1990s HJC became the American top selling motorcycle helmet – a position it has held ever since. HJC’s focus remains on building helmets of remarkably high quality, with extraordinarily generous specifications and at unbelievably reasonable prices. HJC have worked with professional Motorcycle racers like Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies to get feedback and development on creating performance sportsbike helmets.

Image gallery of the Jorge Lorenzo ‘Speed Machine’ helmet:

Our Review of the HJC RPHA-10

The RPHA-10 Pro is HJC’s top range helmet and if you decide to take the plunge and get one, then you will be basically buying the same spec helmet that the likes of Ben Spies and Jorge Lorenzo have raced with. So that should probably be a good enough endorsement! The helmet is optimised for performance sports riding and many of the features that you will find on the HJC RPHA-10 Pro have been optimised for this purpose, but that’s not to say it won’t serve you well for day-to-day road use either. The range has some beautiful looking race replica graphics, and considering that this is a flagship premium helmet for HJC you will still pay less than you would for comparable premium models from other brands like Arai or AGV.

Shell & Safety:
The HJC RPHA-10 Pro has been signed off as meeting or exceeding SNELL and D.O.T standards, and the shell is made from a composite of Carbon fibre, Fibreglass expoxy, organic fibres, and Aramind – Aramind is a synthetic fibre that was originally created for military and aerospace use and as a result it is incredibly strong and very light. From the instant you hold the HJC RPHA-10 Pro in your hand you can feel the lightness and after extended riding sessions wearing it we can safely say that we experienced no real tiredness or neck discomfort and the lightweight feel of the helmet made a full range of head movement seem easy (note: we tested this on rides up to 3 hours in duration, but we suspect longer journeys will be just as comfortable).

The shell is available in 3 different shells and 3 different EPS interiors are available, so regardless of your head size or shape you should be able to get a combination that really feels comfortable for you.

The visor in the HJC RPHA-Pro 10 Plus has been made wider compared to the previous RPHA model, again this is a feature that has been included for those riders who want to get out for trackdays or racing. The larger eye-port allows for a wider field of vision and even when you have your head tucked down with your chin right on the tank you will find that your forward facing vision is unimpaired.

Another feature that has come straight from the racetrack is the new locking system on the visor. The HJC RPHA-10 Pro comes with a quick release and autolocking visor mechanism. What does this mean? Well, basically it means that you don’t have to struggle with a tab on the side of the visor which can be a pain to operate whilst wearing riding gloves, and the centrally positioned lock just snaps down firmly into place. When we pushed the speed a bit we found that the visor didn’t shake too much and at no point did we feel it was at risk of flying upwards.

Another nice feature is that the visor comes with side-pins so you can attach tear-offs (which are sold seperately) and the pull them off on track days (or long summer country rides) and remove any bugs or dirt that has accumulated. Again, this is a feature that has come straight from the racetrack.

Removing the visor is also easy – simply open it to the fullest position, pull a small lever, and it pops right off. Adding a visor back on is as simple as positioning it over the catch and snapping it back into place. Compared to other helmets we have used this is easily one of the most user-friendly visor removal systems that we have come across on a premium helmet.

And just to add a little extra magic, the R-PHA 10 Pro also comes with a street-legal tinted visor in the box. Nice touch HJC!

Ventilation is provided by chin vents, and two vents at the top that are glove-friendly and can be controlled with simple rolling dial switches. Exhaust vents are postioned at the back to draw the hot and stale air out. The ventilation is functional enough, but our only complaint would be that on a wet day we did experience some water making its way into the helmet, not much, but enough for us to feel that there is some room to improve this aspect of the helmet. It’s only a minor niggle though.

The interior and the padding inside the HJC RPHA-10 Pro will leave you with no doubt that this is a premium helmet, and from the moment we slipped the lid on it felt luxurious and instantly comfortable – not too tight, and snug and secure enough that it didn’t feel like it was in any risk of moving around (or pinching in some areas). The premium-feel interior is covered in SilverCool Plus fabric to wick away any moisture and keep it away from your face. The lining is also really easy to remove for cleaning and washing – you basically reach in and tug the lining and it unclips from the fasteners positioned around the inside of the lid. The lining can be also be washed without fear of removing any of the anti-bacterial covering.

As this is a premium helmet made for racing it comes complete with a double D chinstrap.

lorenzo speed machine indianpolis

The HJC RPHA-10 Pro is great value for money, you are basically getting a race ready helmet with a range of killer replica graphics for much less money than similar helmets from comparable brands. It is comfortable for day-to-day road use and commuting, but it really comes to life on the track or when riding at speed.

If this is your first step up to a premium helmet then you can’t really go too far wrong with the HJC RPHA-10 Pro, this is well worth the price-tag.

HJC RPHA-10 Pro helmets in general are pretty easy to find, but if you are after one with the Lorenzo ‘Speed Machine’ graphics then you may need to look a little harder – this was released as a limited edition run so you may find that stock is running low in most places. That said, we have seen some great pricing on this helmet as it nears the end of its stock and some great close-out pricing can still be found if you know where to look. We have pulled together some choice links below where you can still get stock.

revzilla Get it from, who still have stock with closeout pricing. US based but ship globally.
sportsbikeshop-logo5 Get it from, who still have stock with discounts. Great customer service with a price match guarantee.
FCMoto-logo7 Get it from if you are in Europe who have a huge range with great pricing. Recommended.
motorradhelme Get it from German based, a good option for European shoppers.
ebay-logo And if you are late to the Speed Machine party and can’t find stock anywhere then you can always turn to .