HJC FG-ST Jorge Lorenzo 'Devil' helmet

Jorge Lorenzo HJC FG-ST Devil 99 helmet

HJC FG-ST Jorge Lorenzo 'Devil' helmet

You don’t need to spend big money to get MotoGP racing inspired graphics for an everyday road helmet – if you have no plans on doing trackdays and are happy with an entry level helmet, then you should consider checking out the HJC FG-ST range (also known as the HJC IS-17 range, depending on where you are in the world).

HJC have released a couple of very affordable helmets with Jorge Lorenzo inspired graphics. These are not designs that you see Lorenzo racing with on the track, think of them more as a tribute to Lorenzo that uses many of his iconic symbols and motifs that appear on his race hemets.

HJC have taken Jorge Lorenzo’s ‘Devil’ and ‘Angel’ logo (signified by the red vs white on his leathers, and the devil horns vs halo logo he wears) and have created a Lorenzo ‘Angel’ helmet and this Lorenzo ‘Devil’ helmet.

This Devil version is a moody black colour with Lorenzo’s ‘around the outside’ logo placed on the top helmet. The rear of the helmet features Lorenzo’s race number ’99’ complete with devil horns and the angel halo, while a white arrow runs from one side of the helmet to the other.

This is a nice looking design and the affordable price and solid set of features, makes it a great way to get a basic helmet with slick looking race graphics. This is an entry level range so you will be getting a good everyday road helmet for a great price (usually you will find this range priced well under £/$180).

Official Description of the Lorenzo Devil 99 helmet:
The HJC IS-17 is constructed from an advanced polycarbonate shell which is lightweight, and thanks to the use of CAD technology offers a comfortable and superior fit. The ventilation is enhanced by an advanced channeling system which sucks the air from the front vents and flushes the heat and humidity out the rear exhaust vents. The IS-17 also comes complete with an internally fitted sun visor which can be operated by a centrally mounted slider at the top.

The RapidFire visor replacement system allows quick, tool-less removal / replacement of the visor; which is also Max Vision Pinlock ready. The IS-17 uses a double D ring retention system.


  • Advance polycarbonate shell
  • Lightweight, superior fit & comfort using advanced CAD technology
  • Aerodynamic shell with large eye port for greater visibility
  • One-touch integrated SunShield: smoke-tinted 3-stage adjustable SunShield deploys quickly & easily (patent pending)
  • “ACS” Advanced Channelling Ventilation System: full front to back airflow flushes heat & humidity up & out
  • Removable, moisture-wicking & odour free interior with advanced antibacterial fabric
  • RapidFire shield replacement system: simple & secure ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool-less removal & installation for efficient operation
  • Micro-buckle with retention strap: quick-release & adjustable
  • Pinlock prepared shield & includes pinlock 100% max vision anti-fog insert

Our verdict on the HJC Jorge Lorenzo Devil 99 helmet:

The IS-17 is the successor to HJC’s IS-16, and whenever you see ‘IS’ in the HJC model name it stands for ‘Internal Sun-visor’ – and this feature is one of the selling points of this helmet. This is basically a great day-to-day road helmet that more than meets the requirements that you would hope for street riding. This is a no-frills helmet and what you get it does extremely well but don’t expect the wealth of featutres that you’d get from higher priced models.

So whats good about this helmet?:

Visor: Lets start with the visor – the visor has been upgraded and now has a center locking clasp which is sturdy and gives off a satisfying ‘clunk’ when the visor slots down and clicks into place. It feels solid when locked into the down position, and even when riding at speed it never feels like it is a risk of popping upwards. The visor also comes pinlock ready.

Sunvisor: The internal sunvisor is a really nice touch and for everyday riders it will remove the annoying task of trying to fit sunglasses on under a helmet, or switching to a tinted visor on a sunny day. It slides down smoothly via a slide control and it also has the option of 3 pre-set fixed positions.

Ventilation: Ventilation is basic but functional with chin vents and low slung chimney vents at the front of the helmet, and exhaust vents at the rear to allow for airflow and help any warm and moist air get sucked out. The inner-lining also has some cutaway sections that allow extra space for airflow, but a small complaint is that the lining can cover the vents which can be a bit annoying.

This is actually a great helmet for the price point, and you actually get a decent set of features (such as the integrated sunvisor) for a very low price point.

As usual HJC’s usually suit those riders with more round or oval head shapes and the IS-17 is no different. The shell feels sturdy enough and despite it being a Polycarbonate Compact Shell (which is usually slightly heavier) you don’t feel any stress or pain from the helmet during long rides. The field of vision you get from the helmet is great and never feels restricted. As mentioned, ventilation is basic but functional and despite the complaints that you sometimes see online regarding the ventilation system we have to say that we have never really had any real issues and find it comfortable enough to ride around with the vents only partially open.

One thing to be aware of however is that the IS-17 does not come with a Snell certification due to the internal sunvisor and the space at the front of the helmet that is used to house it, but it may be some comfort to know that it does have a 5 star rating in the UK SHARP testing programme.

Don’t forget that this also comes in the Jorge Lorenzo ‘Angel’ version of the design.

Image Gallery of the HJC FG-ST Jorge Lorenzo ‘Devil’ helmet:

Where to buy it:
You’ll find most stock online seems to be skewed more towards European retailers for this design, but the good news is that it is pretty easy to find and most places will ship worldwide anyway – check out our recommended links below:

sportsbikeshop-logo5 Get it from SportsbikeShop.co.uk, who still have stock in most sizes. Great customer service with a price match guarantee.
FCMoto-logo7 Get it from FC-Moto.com if you are in Europe who have a huge range with great pricing. Recommended.
motoin_de You can also get stock from German based Motoin.de if you are in Europe.
ebay-logo Get it from numerous vendors on .