Jorge Lorenzo 'Great White' Shark Spartan Helmet (Black)

Jorge Lorenzo ‘Great White’ Shark Spartan Helmet (Black)

Jorge Lorenzo 'Great White' Shark Spartan Helmet (Black)

Ready to get confused? – This is the Jorge Lorenzo ‘Shark’ Shark helmet that features a ‘Great White’ shark….but in black.

Let’s leave the confusing wordplay behind. If you don’t already know, this is the design that Lorenzo wore for the 2016 Aragon MotoGP, and it is now available in the Shark Spartan range, which means it is pretty affordable and comes with a built-in sun visor.

We won’t go into the full story here again, but you can read a bit more about this helmet design here where you will also find the version that is available in ‘white / silver’.

This is a great looking helmet design, no doubt about it. The design is a replica of the Great White head that Lorenzo wore, obviously minus the sponsor logos.

The Spartan is a mid-range helmet that is designed to appeal to everyday riders – it comes loaded with some race-spec technology, but also comes packed with practical everyday features, like a built-in sun visor, to make it appeal to the average road user. Plus the price is very competitive for a mid-range helmet.

Jorge Lorenzo shark

Official description of the Jorge Lorenzo Shark Spartan helmet:
The Shark designers have been developing the Spartan to offer all the functions a rider requires of a motorcycle helmet. Each part and each line of the helmet has been assigned a precise function and it’s location on the shell is determined to guarantee optimal aerodynamics. New on the Spartan is the “SHARK SKIN” peak side fastenings giving an active reduction of whistling noise, depending on bike/screen/rider. There is also a double spoiler at the back with incorporated air extractors, optimizing the aerodynamic trail and helping internal cooling. The Spartan Helmet comes with a Pinlock MaxVision visor as standard, helping to keep the Visor fog free.

This Shark Spartan helmet has been created as a new aerodynamic race helmet. It is a full face helmet, ideal for track and road riding. As well as being classy, aerodynamic and strong, the Shark Spartan helmet has features that are usually reserved for touring helmets, such as the internal drop-down sun visor.


  • Peak side fastenings to help reduce whistling noise
  • Double spoiler with incorporated air extractors
  • Anti scratch sun visor
  • Pinlock MaxVision visor with insert included
  • Quick release visor system
  • Double D retention system
  • Removable and washable lining

Gallery of the Jorge Lorenzo Great White Shark helmet:

Our review of the Jorge Lorenzo Shark Spartan helmet:

In general you should view this helmet as a good all-rounder – it is not a pure race helmet, instead it offers a lightweight race-orientated design that comes packed with enough features, like a built-in sun visor, to make it a very appealing option for everyday road riders. Let’s take a look at some of the features in more detail:

The visor feels sturdy when riding at speed, and we found that when it was fully closed it was watertight in wet weather and prevented any noticable water from seeping in. The visor comes with an anti-fog Pinlock MaxVision insert.

Despite feeling sturdy and rigid, the visor is surprisingly easy to remove. Basically you push the visor up to the open position and then tug the sides to release it. Re-attaching it is as simple as positioning it in the correct place and then snapping it back in.

The built-in sun visor is operated via a simple slider that is positioned on top of the helmet. It is easy enough to operate with gloves and the slider allows the rider to lower the visor to any desired position in order to provide protection from the sun. Internal sun visors are becoming commonplace on many low to mid-range helmets, and many other brands only allow the internal visor to be either fully open or fully closed, so it is nice to see that Shark have developed a system that allows the rider much more control on how they use the visor. Just want the visor down a fraction to keep a high sun out of your eyes, no problem, you can totally do that with this Shark helmet.

Ventilation is solid and the front of the Shark Spartan helmet comes with vents in the chin, and vents at the top above the visor that can be set to open or closed. Generous exhaust vents are located at the rear by the spolier. Nothing to rave about, but no complaints either. Functional for the price.

The interior of the Shark Spartan feels like a premium product – the lining is plush and comfortable and it also comes with a pull down curtain at the rear and under the chin to give you extra protection against the elements when riding in colder months. If you ride with glasses then you should not find any significant issues with wearing them under the plush interior lining as space is generous.

As with all Shark helmets, the interior comes with ready-made indents for Shark speakers.

The Shark Spartan comes with a double-D fastener. The shell is light for the price point, and most Shark helmets taper towards the front giving the shell a sleek and aggressive look – the Spartan is no different in this respect. As always, if you have never worn a Shark helmet before it is always recommended to try one on first but to be honest this should fit most head shapes without any issues.

Okay, so Shark state that the sides of the visor and the fastenings on the Spartan helmet are covered with ‘Shark Skin’ – a material that Shark have developed in order to keep wind noise to a minimum. To be honest, whilst we don’t doubt their claims, it was hard to really tell if any wind noise was significantly reduced. That said, the helmet noise wasn’t excessive and was easily on par with other brands at the same (or even slightly higher price points).

Like we mentioned at the start, this helmet is a solid all-rounder. It has a race helmet look and a lightweight feel, but comes packed with enough practical features to make this a great option for most everyday riders.

Another bonus is that the Shark Spartan it comes with some great racing designs that add a little extra excitement and visual impact to an otherwise great helmet. Plus you don’t need to pay through the nose to get official race replica graphics, we have seen other brands charge a much steeper mark-up for official race graphics, so credit to Shark for keeping things reasonable.

Jorge Lorenzo Shark

Stock of this Jorge Lorenzo isnt too hard to find at the moment. Like we mentioned, this is pretty affordable considering the features you get with it and the race replica graphics – you will see this selling around the low £300 mark. Check the links below:

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