Jonathan Rea Arai RX-7V Helmet

This is the Jonathan Rea replica helmet that Arai have released in their premium RX-7 V range. The design is an exact replica (apart from the Monster Energy logo) of Rea’s 2016 World Superbike helmet and it is a simple and bold design.

This is the helmet design that Jonathan Rea has been racing with for some of his most successful years in WSBK for the Kawasaki Racing Team.

It is a simple but striking looking design.

Jonathan Rea does a lot of development work with Arai and is a very active ambassador for the brand. Jonathan Rea explains below why he races with Arai and why has stuck with them for so long:

“Very very simply put I don’t compromise on safety at all and Arai is in my opinion without doubt the most advanced and safety conscious helmet producer in the market. When I first got involved with racing my father used an Arai; all the real road racers of the time, heroes like Joey Dunlop and Kevin Schwantz wore an Arai, so it was one of those helmets that I always wanted to wear.”

“I am currently riding the Arai RX-7V and it’s really important for me to know that what I wear is what the customer can buy. Anyone can go into a shop and buy my exact helmet and I know that should Kev or I be a bit careless and not bring enough helmets to the race track we can go to the local Arai dealer and pick up an exact ‘Jonathan Rea’ helmet”

The RX-7V (The European name for the model) and Corsair X (the US name for the model) represents the summit of Arai’s knowledge, experience and know-how in helmet technology. With a completely new PB-SNC2 outer shell, the revolutionary VAS (“Variable Axis System”) visor system and a significant increased smoother area around the temples, the RX-7V offers the new benchmark in the premium helmet segment. From the new Eco Pure liner with an even slimmer frame, to the new ducts, improved diffuser and the integrated Air Channels, every part shows the attention to detail that is so typical for Arai. Arai has continually improved the “glancing off” performance by learning from real scenarios. Thanks to the new stronger and smoother shell and VAS, the RX-7V is closer to the ideal helmet shape than ever.

Top of the range sport helmet with new and improved features: The RX-7V is the new and improved, popular RX-7 GP helmet. It has benefited from a huge range of upgrades to make your track ride comfortable.

New visor change system: The whole look of the helmet has been overhauled to offer better vision, aerodynamics and comfort. There’s a new, easier to change, visor system called VAS and smaller side pods that change the aerodynamics of the helmet.

Improved aerodynamics, less drag: As a racer, or anyone that wears a track helmet, aerodynamics is important. As well as the side pods change, Arai have also put the rear wing lower back, to accommodate for the ride position and improved the ventilation aerodynamics.

19% better ventilation: The ventilation on this helmet is highly improved, yet as you’d expect from a quality lid, there’s little wind noise. The lining is anti-bacterial Eco pure, which ensures the helmet has a long life and there’s a recess for speakers offering better comfort.

Better fit all round: The chin is now placed slightly further out, reducing the chance of kissing the side of the helmet and a chin curtain reduces wind noise dramatically. Finally and maybe most importantly, the shell is the strongest shell Arai have ever produced and Arai produce different shell sizes for every two sizes of helmet offering the ideal aerodynamics and shape for all sizes.


  • Five year Arai warranty
  • VAS (Variable Axis System) shield and side pods are exclusive to the RX-7 V / Corsair X
  • Dual function lever releases both the side pod and the face shield for quick and simple face shield removal
  • VAS shield latch system captures and holds the face shield closed and provides a de-mist position to slightly crack the shield open
  • VAS MAX Vision face shield provides excellent visibility in all seasons thanks to the included Pinlock insert
  • Neckroll is removable and has additional exhaust channels to remove interior heat
  • Cheek pads have the Emergency Release Tab feature
  • IC Duct5 forehead vent provides 11% more airflow than the Corsair V, features 3 positions and is overall large and easy to operate with gloves
  • PB SNC2 Shell has superb tensile strength due to a variety of carefully-positioned materials and light weight resin
  • Arai’s R75 shell shape creates a rounder, smoother helmet to enhance energy and impact dispersion
  • Snell 2015 and DOT approved
  • Strongest PB-SNC2 R75 shell construction
  • Smaller side pods, more shell surface area
  • Increased field of vision, taller and wider visor
  • Improved high speed aerodynamics
  • Adjustable skull cap, forward, backwards and removable padding
  • Fully removable and washable Eco Pure interior and cheekpads
  • Double-D retention system
  • Speaker pocket in cheek pads
  • Quiet and comfortable with new vent ducts and chin curtain
  • Larger space in mouth area for a more open feeling
  • Chin cover blocks turbulent air and increases negative pressure
  • Longer and straighter diffusers for improved aerodynamics

Jonathan Rea interview with Arai Helmets:

Gallery of the Jonathan Rea Arai RX-7V Helmet:

Our review of the Jonathan Rea RX-7 V helmet:

Let’s cover the shell first. The shell has been made stronger than previous Arai models and Arai have managed to do this and make a weight saving at the same time – this model is noticably lighter than the previous RX7/Corsair and Arai have stated that the improved resin used on the shell contributes to a 30g weight saving.

The shell of the new Arai RX-7V / Corsair X is rounder than most premium race helmets (which usually go for sharper and more sleeker shapes). Arai has intentially made a rounder helmet as they claim that it improves aerodynamics and makes for a safer helmet as it improves ‘glancing off’. Arai used the term ‘glancing off’ a lot in the launch of this new range and what is basically means is that the design has an increased ability to dissipate energy, while the rounder shell makes it easier to glide over surfaces. The ducts on the helmet have been glued on to the shell so they will snap off if you come off the bike and they won’t run the risk of digging themselves into the floor or catching on anything that you may have the misfortune of sliding through.

One other noticable difference that becomes clear when you first slide your head into this new Arai helmet is that there is more headroom inside the helmet than the previous models, and more space has been allocated to the chin and mouth area which should make it feel less claustrophobic.

Jonathan Rea Kawasaki

The opening mechanism for the visor has been given a makeover and Arai have employed a single lever system to operate the visor that can be done with relative ease even when wearing riding gloves. It worked fine for us, and even at speed when it was locked down using the thumb-latch we didn’t detect any leaks or air hitting our face. The face shield is lower than previous models and it also seems to offer a greater field of vision, especially when you are tucked in with your head down. The lower shield means there is 24mm of extra space above the cheek pods which aids safetly as it increases the available surface for ‘glancing off’.

Ventilation has been improved in the RX-7 V / Corsair X and the central air intake is 20mm longer which allows more air into the helmet. The ventilation controls have also been revised and the buttons are bigger and run on a slider mechanism, meaning it is now easier to contorl the air intakes with riding gloves on. There are eight adjustable vents which can be modified to give greater control over airflow and ventilation, which is nice.

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