Johann Zarco Shark S700-S helmet

Johann Zarco Shark S700S replica helmet

Johann Zarco Shark S700-S helmet

Shark have released this lovely looking Johann Zarco Moto2 replica helmet in their Shark S700s helmet range – this is good news for race fans as the Shark S700S range is very affordable and it competes in the $200 / £160 price range.

This helmet design is a replica of the one that Zarco wore for the 2014 Moto2 season and it features a white base that is decorated with a complex pattern made out of the flags of various countries. The top of the helmet features a striking orange and white Japanese-style ‘rising sun’ design. The rear of the helmet features Zarco’s ‘castaway’ stranded on a desert island cartoon.

This is a clean looking design and I guess the flag design might not appeal to everyone but we really like it.

Sadly this Zarco replica in the Shark S700S range is started to get phased out but you can still get stock from a few onlnie retailers and there is loads of opportunity to get one at even more reduced prices on the aftermarket (check the links at the bottom of the page for places to buy it).

Johann Zarco Moto2

Description: Johan Zarco Shark S700S helmet
This is the replica helmet for Moto2 rider Johann Zarco. Johann has been riding professionally since his 125cc World Championship debut in Qatar in 2009.

The Shark S700-S is a versatile road helmet, with internal sun visor and ergonomic ventilation. It includes the “Original Pinlock”. Aggressive styling and excellent quality/price ratio. Utilising features such as an anti-scratch 2.2mm visor, ergonimic sun-visor control system, optimised ventilations for ease of use with gloves. Also featuring things like internal damping elements with multi-density, and new sizes adjusted for optimum comfort.

Key Features:

  • Thermoplastic Shell
  • Pinlock Anti-Fog Visor
  • Integrated Sun Visor
  • Quick Release Fastening
  • Fully Removable Interior
  • Ergonomic sunvisor system
  • Dual position optimized ventilation
  • Multi-density internal shock absorbers
  • Anti-scratch visor
  • Anti-fog Original Pinlock ready (optional)
  • Integrated UV380 label & anti-scratch sun visor
  • Quick release visor system
  • Micro lock buckle system

Image gallery of the Johann Zarco Shark S700-S helmet:

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Our Review of the Shark S700-S helmet:

The Shark S700-S is basically an entry level helmet that is competing in the sub $200 / £150 market. The S700-S is a rung or two up the ladder from Shark’s S600 model, and to call it a purely entry level helmet is probably doing it a disservice as it comes with enough features and technical chops to give you a flexible helmet that will last you for a long time if you are looking for a relible everyday road helmet.

Composed from thermoplastic (as many cheaper motorcycle helmets are) the shell is pretty light and it has some beautiful sharp lines that make this look like an aggressive and aerodynamic helmet. For the low price point, this looks every-inch like a race helmet.

One really nice touch in the S700-S range is the inclusion of an internal sun visor. Many brands are adding this feature to their lower price helmets that are designed for everyday use (e.g. AGV released the K3-SV range which included a built-in sun visor), so it is great to see Shark adding it. This is a genuinely useful feature that many riders will appreciate, especially as it is so easy to lower it while riding (no need to stop and switch visors anymore).

For the S700-S helmet, Shark have spent time on improving the comfort factor and they have updated the inner lining and you can certainly feel the difference if you have ever used an earlier Shark helmet model like the S600. If you haven’t used a Shark helmet before then take it from us that it is a definite improvement, and most feedback online seems to suggest that most riders feel the same as us. The lining is removable and fully washable, in fact you can even throw it in a washing machine as long as you use a delicate cycle or program.

When riding at speed the S700-S is surprisingly quiet compared to other helmets in the same price range, and the sharp lines make it feel particularly stable without too much stress or buffeting.

The S700-S does not come with a chin curtain, so expect to pay a bit extra for that, which is a minor annoyance, plus as a rule you will also need to pay extra for a pinlock visor insert – some retailers might include this, so make sure you shop around and find one that includes it if you can as it will save you extra hassle.

When you can pick up a helmet from a reliable brand with a load of practical features (e.g. internal sun visor), a SHARP four star safety rating, and some beautiful looking race replica graphics (in this case Johann Zarco) then you can’t really complain too much. This is a really solid helmet that we highly recommend if you are looking for a helmet that is safe, looks great, has beautiful race graphics, and won’t cost you a lot of money.

Where can you buy it?
Check the trusted links below where you can buy this Shark Johann Zarco helmet. As we mentioned, you should be aware that this model is getting harder to find now, but the upside is that when you do find one it is likely to be heavily discounted.

Where to buy it:

Get it from who had some units left. German based, ship globally. Recommended for European shoppers.
Also check out Amazon where you may still pick up stock at good prices.
ebay-logo You can also get stock from a variety of sellers on