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Giacomo Agostini

Giacomo Agostini is a motorcycle racing legend and is widely regarded as the best racer of all time – he remains a huge influence on the sport and is a role model for many of today’s racers.

Nicknamed ‘Ago’, he is the all-time leader in victories in motorcycle Grand Prix history, with 122 Grand Prix wins and 15 World Championships titles – of these, 68 wins and 8 titles came in the 500cc class, the rest in the 350cc class.

Agostini raced with a distinctive red, white, and green helmet design. Replicas of Ago’s helmet design have been popular selling helmets each time they are manufactured by AGV.

Browse below for the current Giacomo Agostini AGV helmets currently on sale.

Currently there are no new Agostini replicas out on the market, and we will update this page when some models are released.

In the meantime you can sometimes pick up some of the last Giacomo Agostini replica helmets that were released by AGV and X-Lite on ebay. Check them out at the link below.

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