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Freddie Spencer
Born is the US in 1961, Freddie Spencer (nicknamed ‘Fast Freddie’) is widely regarded as one of the best motorcycle racers of the 1980s.

In total, Freddie Spencer won 3 World Championship titles (two in 500cc and one in 250cc). His first World Title in the 500cc series came in 1983 when he beat Kenny Roberts by two points overall to claim the title. In 1985, Freddie Spencer managed to race in both the 250cc series as well as the 500cc series, managing to win both titles in the same year.

His simple but distinctive helmet style remains popular and replicas are often available online in Spencer’s ‘red, white, and blue’ colour scheme. The Arai Spencer replica is the perfect choice for riders wanting a classy replica race helmet that isn’t covered with flames, skulls, or other gaudy emblems as many contemporary replicas often are.

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