Carlos Checa X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Replica Helmet

Carlos Checa X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Replica Helmet

Carlos Checa X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Replica Helmet

For a long time the Carlos Checa X802RR was our favorite Checa helmet but this new ‘Ultra Carbon’ version might just make us change our minds.

This new design is a spin on the popular Checa ‘world map’ graphics, and this time the design has been changed to pay tribute to Carlos Checa’s long racing career. Nolan and X-Lite created this helmet after Checa announced his retirement and they chose to celebrate his career with this special design.

The base of the helmet features a record of each of the years that Checa has been racing, from 1993 when he made his debut in the 250cc Class all the way to 2013 when he announced his retirement. The world map has also been updated to include the names of many of the race-tracks that Checa has raced at during his long career. The top of the helmet features text arranged in a circle paying tribute to Checa’s 20 years of racing and features words like ‘Passion, Excitement, Speed‘. The rear of the helmet also features Checa’s name and his race number ‘7’.

The carbon fibre on this lid looks stunning and it shows through with a wonderful depth to it.

Carlos Checa Ducati

Carlos Checa said:

“I would really thank Nolangroup for this special helmet. This is the first X-lite Helmet entirely made up of Carbon fibre and it occurs at the same time of my 20th anniversary of competition in the world racing championship. This helmet keeps the well known globe graphic that reflects my sports carrier. Moreover we have highlighted all the circuits where I competed and a lot of details that, in my opinion, bond the helmet to my experience in the racing world.”

Description of the Carlos Checa X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon:
The X-802RR is the racing carbon fibre helmet from the Nolan group, developed in three outer shell sizes. This design represents the culmination of years of experience in the top levels of motorcycle racing competitions. Each component (shell, visor, Racing Experience comfort, Racing Air Flow/ RAF ventilation system) is the result of innovative development, aimed at providing a product with constant quality and perfect performance.

Each component was developed using experimental testing schemes within the MotoGP and SBK World Championships: Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, Carlos Checa, Marco Melandri, Danny Kent and other riders sponsored by the Company tested and experimented many of the innovative technical solutions found on this helmet which is available for serious and demanding riders. Excellent comfort thanks to the new removable and washable inner padding (Carbon Fitting), made from activated carbon fibres. The activated carbon is temperature-regulating (it encourages sweat evaporation while maintaining a constant temperature), anti static (helps to control static electricity), bacteriostatic (it respects the skin and protects it from pollutants) and is 100% natural. The X-802RR is equipped with a DD-ring retention system. Available in XS-2XL across three shell sizes. All models come with Pinlock included.


  • Composite Fibre Shell
  • Designed & Developed Within MotoGP & SBK
  • 3 Shell Sizes Used In The Construction Process
  • Scratch Resistant, Ultra-Wide Visor With Dual Lock System
  • Plush, Removable Comfort Liner
  • Removable Breath & Wind Deflectors
  • Quick Release Visor
  • Double D-Ring Fastener
  • Pinlock Visor
  • Racing Airflow Ventilation

Image gallery of the Carlos Checa X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon Replica Helmet:

Our Review of the X-Lite X-802RR helmet:

Firstly it is important to mention that this helmet is basically the same as the X-Lite X-802RR helmet with the only difference being that it is made from carbon fibre. This is significant in that it makes this version of the X-802RR even lighter, but all the features and specifications are otherwise the same as you would get on the regular X-802RR – and that’s no bad thing, it’s a great helmet.

Even though X-Lite have used carbon fibre, they have still managed to bring this helmet in at a very reasonable price and it is actually cheaper than some of the non-carbon versions from other competing brands. Despite the lower price point, this helmet is primarily designed as a racing helmet, so if you are looking for a new helmet for your daily commute then you will probably find you won’t get the full use and benefit of all the features on this X-Lite.

Shape and weight: Like we said, the carbon fibre really reduces the weight of this helmet and on average (depending on the shell size you use) it comes in at around 100g lighter than the standrad X-Lite X-802RR helmet. The overall shape of the hemet is probably more suited to those riders that are looking for a more rounded head shape. The shell comes in 6 sizes from XS all the way up to XXl, so there should be something to suit all riders in terms of sizing.

The shell is sleek with aggressive lines and has a built-in spolier at the rear to increase downforce and stability when riding at speed.

Ventilation: Ventilation is great, just like on the X-802RR there are large intake vents at the front of the chin, with useful extractor vents placed on the sides. This actually helps to reduce fogging of the visor as it increases airflow in the front of the helmet. There are air intakes also on the top of the helmet at the side and a large one above the visor. A double extractor vent is positioned at the rear.

Visor & Vision: Again, this is excellent with Nolan’s ‘ultra-wide’ visor giving a wider field of vision, even when your head is down against the tank. The visor is thick and comes treated with an anti-scratch coating, and you get the usual quick release system that any rider would expect on a helmet of this specification.

One nice touch with the visor is the ‘double action lock system’ which basically allows you to open the visor a few millimetres and fix it in place, kind of like what riders call a ‘cracked’ position. This is a nice feature as it makes this helmet useful to everyday street and touring riders who often want a slight opening to prevent fogging and misting when riding at slower speeds. This is a feature that some manufacturers don’t include on the race specification helmets, so this sort of flexibility really makes this a helmet one that can be used on the track as well as the street.

Interior: The inner padding is thick and comfortable and comes with all the antibacterial and wicking that is standard on premium helmet models. The cheek pads are available in various sizes making the interior fully customisable to get a good fit. The inner lining and padding is perforated to increase airflow and it is all removable and fully washable.

Overview: This is a great helmet that takes the original X-802RR and makes it even lighter and stronger. The carbon fibre looks incredible and X-Lite have chosen to show it off as much as possible on this helmet. Anyone considering a racing specification helmet should look hard at the X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon as it clearly holds it own on track, whilst also offering flexiblity and practical features making it a lid you can take out on day to day rides also.

Price and availability:
Like we said, the good news is that this replica is pretty affordable when compared to the leading carbon fibre brands from other brands – it usually retails at under $700 / £560, but to be honest if you check the links below you can usually find even deeper discounts on it.

You will also find that stock and availability skews heavily towards the European based vendors.

Where to buy it:

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