Cal Crutchlow Vector 2 helmet

Cal Crutchlow Vector 2 helmet

Cal Crutchlow Vector 2 helmet

Another solid looking Cal Crutchlow replica from Arai. This Crutchlow design is now available in the Arai Vector 2, which is also called the Chaser V in the UK (damn, these brands that have different helmet model names in different regions really annoy me).

It is the standard Crutchlow design that he has been racing in for years, with the Green swooping pattern that runs from the front of the helmet to the rear. The Vector 2 / Chaser V also features a small Union Jack flag on the rear and Crutchlow’s race number ’35’ on the rear.

The Arai Vector 2 / Chaser V is a really solid mid-range helmet that has a great reputation and comes with enough features that should see you right for a long time. It is also nice to see MotoGP replica race graphics being released in Arai’s mid-range helmet models.

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Official description of the Cal Crutchlow Arai Vector 2 / Chaser V helmet:
The Arai Vector 2 / Chaser V is Arai’s successor to their bestselling Vector / Chaser model.

Features for the Arai Vector 2 Helmet include an SAI face shield which provides a wider field of vision. A replaceable interior liner has been modified to improve air flow around the head and to provide a more comfortable fit eliminating pressure points. The ventilation system has been revamped with a larger size switch and larger rear duct which will create 50% more vacuum. The Arai Vector 2 has been created for the rider who doesn’t need bells and whistles, but still demands a finely crafted and protective helmet.


  • Five Year Arai Warranty
  • Super fibre construction
  • Wider aperture visor SAI
  • Enhanced strengthening in lower section
  • Improved rear air conductor
  • Larger side vents
  • 3 position chin vent with enlarged access
  • Triple density inner shell
  • Removable cheek pads and interior
  • Fully washable interior
  • Patented visor brow ventilation ducts provides cooling air in upper face area without holes in critical forehead area of the shell or in the impact-absorbing liner material
  • Double D retention system
  • Pinlock visor insert included
  • ACF-2 front intake vent has an oversized intake opening for better airflow, and a sliding-door mechanism to more completely close it
  • Extreme peripheral view – same wider field of side to side visibility as the Corsair V racing helmet (an additional 5mm on each side when compared to to previous Vector model)
  • Tuned rear vent/wing – Air inlets provide improved interior ventilation and heat removal
  • Reinforced shell ridges with integrated side exhaust vents
  • Larger bottom opening for easier on and off
  • Removable/replaceable cheek pads with 5mm peel-away layer
  • 5mm peel away temple pads
  • Meets or exceeds Snell M2015 and DOT standards

Image gallery of the Cal Crutchlow Vector 2 helmet:

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Our Review of the Arai Chaser V / Vector 2

This is a helmet that is focused on convenience and practicality, despite the whole thing being wrapped in aggressive race replica graphics. Comfort, greater visibility, and improved airflow are the main selling points that Arai are pushing in this latest evolution of their popular mid-range helmet.

Shell: The shell is constructed from fibreglass and is as solid as you would expect without feeling too heavy on the neck. The helmet has a rounded shape like most Arais do, but a rear spoiler on the rear adds sharper lines to this helmet. The spoiler is attached on to the helmet (as opposed to being part of the shell construction) and it is designed to come off in the event of an accident to prevent the risk of a rider getting ‘snagged’ as they hopefully slide to safety.

The shape comes out as “intermediate oval” and should fit most head shapes without too much difficulty.

Visor: The visor is one area where you will notice definite improvements – the aperture is slightly wider than previous models giving better peripheral vision for riders. Another nice feature is that the locking mechanism comes with a setting that allows you to keep the visor open just a few millimeters in a ‘cracked’ position. This is probably the most popular position for everyday riders, especially in cities, that want protection of the face but also want some airflow to keep the visor from misting up, and it works great.

Removing the visor is simple – a lever at the side is operated to detach the visor and it slides off easily.

Ventilation: The airflow and ventilation has had a lot of work done on it also. There is a large intake vent on the chin which is easily operated with gloves, and a vent on the top which helps to pull airflow through the helmet. A large rear vent at the rear creates a vacuum which also pulls airflow though the helmet – Arai claim that their tests have shown that this feature creates a 50% higher vacuum. This Arai also comes equipped with side vents. Many riders have stated that they feel the noise might be a little excessive when compared with other helmets, so that might be someting to consider if you are sensitive to excess noise, we didn’t find it especially distracting though.

Interior: Arai have put riders at the forefront of their thinking with regards to the interior. One of the eternal bugbears for many riders is getting a helmet that fits them comfortably and many riders find a helmet that they like, but then discover that the interior pinches them or is too tight (or too loose) on key pressure areas. Arai have countered this by including 5mm peel-offs in the polystyrene, so if you find the helmet is putting unwanted extra pressure on certain key points (cheeks, forehead, temples etc…) you can simply peel these off to create a better fit. The rest of the padding is what you would expect – it feels thick, it is comfortable, and the brushed nylon padding is fully removable and washable.

Overview: This is a good all rounder that will last you a very long time. It isn’t a helmet that is packed with features, but the features it does come with are functional and have enough practical features that have been based on feedback from users of previous models to make it an appealing option for a serious rider – and when we say ‘serious’ we don’t mean track riders, this is a helmet that should have everything a serious day to day street rider would require.

Pricing and availability: The Chaser V / Vector 2 retailed at a new price between £300-£470 / $500 – $640 -the variation on price depends on the exact model and size (race replica graphics tend to be more expensive). However the Chaser V / Vector 2 is now close to the end of its lifespan so you can find some serious discounts running on this helmet model. Check the links below for discounts.

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