Andrea Iannone AGV Corsa 2016 Sepang Winter Test Seagull Motorcycle Helmet

Andrea Iannone AGV Corsa 2016 Sepang Winter Test Seagull Helmet

Andrea Iannone AGV Corsa 2016 Sepang Winter Test Seagull Motorcycle Helmet

This is a great new Andrea Iannone replica helmet with a fun story behind the design…..unless you are a seagull.

The 2015 Australian MotoGP at Philip Island is widely regarded as one of the best MotoGP races in recent years, it was a tight and frantic race that saw 6 riders battling it out for victory right up to the end. The race was eventually won by Marc Marquez, but not after some thriling racing and countless passes between the leading group.

Andrea Iannone was one of the leading riders at the end of the race fighting for the victory, but he had some unique excitement at the start of the race also. Iannone was leading on lap 2 and when he came to the drop down into turn 10 a seagull that was on the track took off, but it wasn’t quick enough to escape the oncoming Ducati of Andrea Iannone. The bird smashed into Iannone’s bike before bouncing up and hitting his helmet in a cloud of feathers. And this helmet is Iannone’s tribute to his fallen seagull friend.

Here is the video of the actual event – Andrea Iannone hitting the seagull at Philip Island in 2015:

The design was revealed in the winter test sessions in Malaysia, just after the 2015 season was over. The helmet has a bright red base, with the stunned seagull protrayed as a cartoon, splayed and pinned on the right side of the helmet. The rear of the helmet features Iannone’s nickname ‘The Maniac’ in white and yellow lettering.

After the race Iannone said:

“What an incredible race! It was really important for me to finish on the podium because here we had the possibility of doing a good race, but the result was neither easy nor a foregone conclusion. We all had a great battle, passing each other many times, and it was an incredible spectacle, I hope also for the people watching at home. The team fully deserved this result and it was also important for me because we are getting better all the time, race after race. If you look at last year’s race, here we have made incredible progress, and no one expected this. On the second lap something really unusual happened, because there was a seagull in front of me trying to get out of the way: I hit the poor thing head on, but in the end it was like a good luck kiss! The seagull wait on me for the kiss, but I told him wait on me before the race, not the second lap. It is difficult but it is better him fly before I arrive because I would clip him with the front tyre and for sure I would go down.”

This helmet design, intended as a funny tribute to the dead seagull is now available in limited numbers in the wonderful AGV Corsa range – this is their mid-range helmet range that is packed with premium features – it’s still pricey, but not nearly as expensive as their PistaGP range.

AGV Iannone Seagull helmet

Official Description:
The ‘Corsa’ is an all new race helmet from AGV. Its features a SSL (Super Super Light) composite fibre, Kevlar & Carbon Fibre shell construction; with no less than four shell sizes used during construction to ensure the helmet is as compact, light and accurate a fit as possible when worn, this technique also helps in reducing neck/muscle fatigue and helps to keep the helmet more stable at high speeds.

On the onside the helmets integrated ventilation system (IVS) features wide channels that have been hollowed directly into the shell to help keep you cool. Helping to keep it fresh on the inside, the fully removable/washable lining is constructed from a breathable Lycra micro porous material with sanitizing treatment. The helmet also features AGV’s Extra quick release visor system (EQRS) in metal with roto-translation opening. This system allows the changing of the visor to be undertaken in a matter of seconds without the use of tools. The ‘Corsa’ is supplied with a flat, non-scratch, race visor with wide field of vision. It’s design is Pinlock ready and suitable for use with tear-off strips (PINLOCK comes as standard).


  • Shell: SSL (Super Super Light) in fibreglass, aramid and Carbon fibre
  • N° of shells: 4 shell sizes
  • Fabric: Breathable Lycra® and Shalimar with sanitising treatment
  • Liners: fully removable and washable
  • Ventilation system IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) ventilation with large air ducts on the shell
  • Air vents with open / close mechanism.
  • Visor mechanism XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) in metal with swivel opening.
  • Microlock front locking and visor microopening system. Quick release system for tool-free removal and replacement of the visor in seconds.
  • Visor: Flat RACE, Class 1 optical standard, non-scratch, antifog visor (4 layers) with wide field of vision and tear-off strips
  • Double D retention system
  • Removable nose guard
  • Removable windproof chin strap protection
  • Sizes: XS – S – MS – ML – L – XL – XXL
  • EC22.05 Certified
  • There you have it, a great MotoGP race replica helmet that is optimised for performance, but it is also equally at home on the street.

    andrea iannone seagull

    Image gallery of the Andrea Iannone seagull helmet:

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