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Aleix Espargaro is a Spanish motorcycle racer who has been competing in Grand Prix motorcycle racing since 2004 and he has raced in all classes during his career, from 125cc, 250cc, Moto2, and MotoGP. He is the older brother of Pol Esparagaro.

Historically, Aleix Espargaro replica helmets haven’t really been made available as replicas but his recent partnership with KYT helmets have seen some new Espargaro helmets hit the market and they look great. Check out the Aleix Espargaro helmets currently available below.

Aleix Espargaro helmets:

Aleix Espargaro helmet guide:
No matter what your budget or needs are, there should be an Aleix Espargaro helmet replica to suit your requirements as KYT have produced Espargaro replicas in a number of their ranges from entry-level all the way up to their top-level performance race helmets.

If you are on a budget and looking for something a bit cheaper then check out the Aleix Espargaro KYT Falcon model, it is a great everyday helmet that is packed with features and it’s very cheap.

If you are looking for more of a performance helmet then you should check out the Aleix Espargaro KYT KR-1 helmet, this is the same race model that Espargaro races in and it is still much cheaper than some comparable premium models from competing brands.