Cycle Sector Weekend Sale

Another Memorial Day offer has just gone live on the internet (offers valid until Monday) – this time are offering the following heavily discounted items: have lowered the price on the new JPR Performance carbon frame sliders.

These are made from ultra high molecular polyethylene and wrapped in a high impact resistant glossy carbon fiber finish.

They come with black bolts and a CNC machined encap with any of your choice from anodized black, blue, red or gold!

Click HERE to find the slider set for your bike. Starting at only $59.95 w/ Free Shipping!


JPR-PERFORMANCE-GAS-CAPS-3TThey are also doing a sale on JPR Gas Caps! These gas caps add a nice customized look to your motorcycle.

You can select from various colored bases and filler caps to get the look you want! The keyless gas caps make it a lot more convenient to fuel up your bike. Available in combinations of gold, black and silver.

Go HERE to check them out, only $69.95 w/ Free Shipping!


Finally, they have the JPR tire warmers at a killer price, just in time for the summer track season. Available in two models:

DIGITAL $279.95 w/ Free Shipping!

NON-DIGITAL $169.95 w/ Free Shipping!