Custom ‘Tron’ Motorcycle Helmet (…and make your own)

Yes! This is what happens when grown men have their childhood re-ignited by a re-release of a film from their youth….in this case ‘Tron’.

Check out this video of someone customising their motorcycle helmet with Electroluminescent Wire (the same stuff that some people use on their car interiors) in order to make a Tron style glow-in-the-dark motorcycle helmet. Great stuff!

Custom ‘Tron’ Motorcycle Helmet

Okay, so should you feel inspired by this video and want to try it out yourself and make you own glowing bike helmet, then the good news is that Electroluminescent Wire is cheap, and easy to work with, see below to find out where you can buy it:

  • Electroluminescent Wire at Various lengths and colours available starting from $10. BUY IT HERE
  • Electroluminescent Wire at Available in various colours and lengths from around £10. BUY IT HERE

And if you are looking for the best thing to stick it all together with, then use Epoxy resin/glue ( /