Colin Edwards reveals new helmet at Indianapolis – Navy Seals tribute

Colin Edwards is wearing a custom helmet design for this weekend’s MotoGP at Indianapolis.

Edwards is vocal supporter of the US military, and has had a helmet design as a tribute to the US Navy SEALs. It features the emblem of the SEALs, and Edwards intends the design to be a tribute to the recently lost servicemen, as well as a tribute to those still serving.

Colin Edwards gives a brief rundown on his one-off Indianapolis MotoGP helmet commemorating the US Navy SEALs in this official video below:

Custom ‘Tron’ Motorcycle Helmet (…and make your own)

Yes! This is what happens when grown men have their childhood re-ignited by a re-release of a film from their youth….in this case ‘Tron’.

Check out this video of someone customising their motorcycle helmet with Electroluminescent Wire (the same stuff that some people use on their car interiors) in order to make a Tron style glow-in-the-dark motorcycle helmet. Great stuff!

Custom ‘Tron’ Motorcycle Helmet

Okay, so should you feel inspired by this video and want to try it out yourself and make you own glowing bike helmet, then the good news is that Electroluminescent Wire is cheap, and easy to work with, see below to find out where you can buy it:

  • Electroluminescent Wire at Various lengths and colours available starting from $10. BUY IT HERE
  • Electroluminescent Wire at Available in various colours and lengths from around £10. BUY IT HERE

And if you are looking for the best thing to stick it all together with, then use Epoxy resin/glue ( /

The ultimate Valentino Rossi helmet collection?

Is this the ultimate Valentino Rossi helmet collection?

One fan has been busy collecting Valentino Rossi helmets – and they have unboxed all of them and taken great photos (from multiple angles) and made a video of it.

And you probably would too if you had spent that much building up your collection.

Watch the video below:

Start your collection: Valentino Rossi helmets

Valentino Rossi Replicas by Performance Race Art

Performance Race Art are an outfit that create stunning custom motorcycle helmet designs.

They have been turning their talents to recreating some of Valentino Rossi’s most recent and memorable helmet designs and have posted videos showing their step by step process.

Check them out below:

Valentio Rossi Chicken Helmet:
This is the helmet design that Valentino Rossi had created to celebrate winning his 9th World Title. The chicken design was based on an old Italian proverb about old chicken only being good for soup. The design is a joke at Rossi’s age and implies that he has escaped the soup pot once again.

AGV released a replica of this helmet which you can see more of here: AGV GP-Tech Rossi Chicken Helmet

And watch the Performance Race Art team create it below:

Valentino Rossi Misano Helmet:
Next up is the helmet design that Rossi wore to his home race at Misano. The helmet celebrated the return of MotoGP racing to the track and as the circuit is only a few miles form Rossi’s home village he chose to wear a design that celebrated being home.

Valentino Rossi Misano Donkey Helmet:
This is another helmet that you can now buy (check out the Valentino Rossi Donkey Helmet), but check the video below of Performance Race Art creating it.

TT3D: Closer to the Edge (Original Soundtrack Album)

TT3D: Closer to the Edge (Original Soundtrack Album)

The film “TT3D: Closer to the Edge” is now showing in cinemas in the uK and we suggest that you check it out.

It is a documentary by Richard de Aragues on the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy – with a particular focus on Guy Martin. Oh yes, and it is shot in eye-melting 3D, providing a unique and often terrifying view of the racers and the course!

Official Description:
The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is the greatest motorcycle road race in the world, the ultimate challenge for rider and machine. It has always called for a commitment far beyond any other racing event, and many have made the ultimate sacrifice in their quest for victory. A story about freedom of choice, the strength of human spirit and the will to win. It’s also an examination of what motivates those rare few, this elite band of brothers who risk everything to win. The vision of top commercials director Richard de Aragues, this promises to be one of the most thrilling films of 2011.


Soundtrack is available now from and iTunes

I, Superbiker (DVD & Blu Ray Edition) – now available

I, Superbiker

Slightly off ‘remit’ but this documentary will probably appeal to the readers of this blog.

“I, Superbiker” is a documentary made by Mark Sloper that recorded the 2010 British Superbike season with a particular emphasis on four main riders – Tommy Hill, Josh Brookes, James Ellison, and Gary Mason.

To be fair, the film is best described as a glorified ‘season review’, however it does provide good background interviews with the friends and fmailies of the riders that help to add to the expectation and tension.

If you can ignore the cringe-worthy title, and suspect voice-over of the trailer (see below) then this documentary is worth picking up for all race fans.

Director Mark Sloper said:
“I wanted to capture the emotion and passion of motorcycle racing – a classic motorcycle racing film that might be set in the 2010 season but can still be fresh in years to come. I also wanted it to appeal to people outside of the motorcycle industry and fan-base. And I wanted to try and change outsiders’ perceptions of motorcycling”.

Official Film Description:
“The film intimately follows the great British hope, Tommy Hill, a fearless racer who cheated trackside death at 14 years old. His parents have sacrificed their home, holidays and all finances to support his burning ambition to be Britain’s number 1 superbike racer.

I SUPERBIKER tracks James Ellison, the northern heartthrob who came second in 2009, and HAS to win to save his career. Newly married to his American sweetheart, he too has made incredible personal sacrifices to race, and now permanently lives in his mobile trailer in the remote Lake District to fulfil his dream of lifting the coveted crown.

The documentary also looks at Gary Mason, the ex privateer now racing on a factory Kawasaki bike who has everything to prove and everything to lose. The oldest racer amongst our characters, his career has been on a downward spiral, the 2010 season will be his last unless he can pull in the results.

And finally Josh ‘Bad Boy’ Brookes, the black leather clad Australian out to steal the crown from the British hopefuls. The racer that arrived from Down Under in 2009 was quickly banned for reckless behaviour, causing untold carnage at many race meetings.”

I, Superbiker Trailer:


“I, Superbiker” is available now from:

Jonathan Rea’s Arai helmet after a high speed crash

Jonathan Rea suffered a high speed crash at Phillip Island during World Superbike testing – Rea highsided at turn 3 whilst going approximately 130mph. He was thrown from his bike (which burst into flames) and ploughed through the gravel. Watch the video of the crash below:

Afterwards, the guys from Arai capitalised on the marketing opportunity by cornering Rea and videoed the state of his helmet after the crash and got Rea to say a few words about Arai (Rea escaped with minor bruising).

Jonahathan Rea on Arai helmets after his crash:

Check out the Jonathan Rea Arai replica helmet