10% OFF Sidi On Road Gore-Tex Boots Sale at Revzilla

10% OFF Sidi On Road Gore-Tex Boots Sale:

10% OFF Sidi On Road Gore-Tex Boots Sale at Revzilla

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Arai Helmet Holdall

Arai Helmet Holdall
Looking for a no frills, inexpensive, and reliable helmet holdall for your Arai lid? – then check out the Arai Helmet Holdall.

This helmet bag is hard-wearing, comes with adjustable straps, and an array of pockets and compartments that allows you to store extra-accessories like visors, or cleaning equipment.

Product Description:
The best way to protect your arai in transport or even just while it’s not on your head. This stylish arai branded holdall features handy carry handle, shoulder sling, Full fleece lining and zip fastening for safety and security. It even has a pocket for your cleaners.

  • Fleece lining
  • Carry handle
  • Shoulder sling
  • Small pocket
  • Arai Branded

HJC Helmet Sack (less than $5!)

HJC Helmet Sack This is a great offer that we stumbled across whilst browsing the internet – possibly the cheapest HJC Helmet sack / bag that we have yet seen.

This is a quality helmet sack made by HJC, complete with the HJC logo for less than $5. The Helmet Sack is made of soft, velvety, stretchable fabric with a draw cord that keeps your helmet protected while not in use.


Helmet Sack

AGV AGVoice Bluetooth Helmet Kit [AGV S4-SV & Stealth-SV helmets]

AGV AGVoice Bluetooth Helmet Kit
AGV have finally released a Wireless Bluetooth communication system for their helmets – just one note though, this helmet bluetooth system currently only works with the AGV S4-SV & Stealth-SV helmets.

AGV have been a little behind some of their competitors in bluetooth support for their helmets, so this product release is going to go a long way for motorcycle riders that have AGV Stealth as their helmet of choice.

AGV have named their bluetooth system ‘AGVoice’, and we have the chance to play around with one.

Installation was easy, the product is designed to be installed with minimal fuss, and no tools are required to rig the system up. Basically, you just need to remove the cheek-pads and then insert and align the wires and communication system in the pre-shaped positions and then place the cheek-pads back in their usual place to cover it all up and hold it in place.

Pretty easy, and more importantly, you don;t need to make any modifications or holes in the outer shell of the helmet.

AGV claim that the bluetooth range between helmets is 10 meters.

Product Features:
•For use with the stealth SV and S-4 SV helmets
•Easy to use single external button that controls all functions
•Receive/make calls with the Bluetooth technology
•Can speak with passenger via intercom mode
•Connect to GPS/navigation system
•Available for XXsmall-medium and large-XXlarge

Image gallery (click to enlarge):


Get the AGV AGVoice Bluetooth Helmet Kit for the best places online, and two trusted online shops are listend below – between them they pretty much cover deliveries all over the UK and EU (and beyond)

  • Get it from Sportsbikeshop.co.uk for £139.99 with Free UK Delivery (worldwide shipping options also available). BUY IT HERE
  • Get it from FC-Moto who have stock at EURO 199.00 with multiple currency pricing options and delivery options. BUY IT HERE

Shoei Drawstring Helmet Bag (excellent basic level helmet bag)

Shoei Drawstring Helmet Bag
Got an Shoei helmet (or any helmet for that matter) and looking for the cheapest priced, but reliable, helmet bag to protect your lid?

Then check out this Shoei drawstring helmet bag, stupendously cheap at only $18.99.

This is a basic but effective helmet bag. Perfect for everyday use, or for spare helmets.

Product Description:

  • This drawstring bag from Shoei is made of a soft, stretchable, velvety fabric to help protect your helmet
  • A drawstring pulls it closed

This Shoei helmet bag is available online from:

MotoGP Tail Bag / Helmet Holdall

MotoGP Tail Bag / Helmet Holdall

This is the official MotoGP Tail-Bag / Helmet Holdall.

This MotoGP designed microfibre tail-bag holdall is basically designed to hold one helmet only (you won’t get two squeezed in here), however, it does have plenty of space and side pockets to store gloves, boots, or spare visors.

It is a pretty robust bag with string straps that will keep it securely strapped to your bike. When you want to take it off the bike, you can adjust the straps, remove the tail-straps, and attach a shoulder strap, which means to can carry it around like any other bag (we have been using ours to carry our gym stuff when it isn’t on the bike).

Product Description:
This MotoGP tail bag holdall is shaped specifically to carry and store one crash helmet, and can also be used as a convenient tail bag. Manufactured from robust microfibre outer material, it is fully lined for extra protection. Each side features external compartments for gloves and accessories. When off the bike, the tail bag straps and bungees can be stored in the bas compartment. Complete with shoulder carry strap and storm cover.

  • Carry and store one crash helmet
  • Can also be used as a convenient tail bag
  • Manufactured from robust microfibre outer material
  • It is fully lined for extra protection
  • External compartments for gloves and accessories
  • Complete with shoulder carry strap and storm cover

Where to buy it

You can buy the MotoGP Tail-bag & Helmet Holdall at the following places online for pretty decent prices:

MotoGP Helmet Bag

MotoGP Helmet Bag

Looking for an ultra-cheap, but well made and reliable helmet bag to store your lid in? Then this may be what you are looking for.

This is the official MotoGP Helmet Bag, and it is available at prices as low as £6.49. The bag itself is surprisingly well made for a six pound drawstring bag, and it features the official MotoGP logo on the side.

It basically does what it says on the tin, no more, no less. Sturdy and reliable, it makes an ideal low-cost, spare helmet bag.

Product Description:
Simple drawstring helmet bag featuring MotoGP design. An inexpensive way to protect expensive helmets.

  • Drawstring helmet bag
  • MotoGP design
  • Inexpensive solution to protect expensive helmets

Where to buy it:

You can buy this MotoGP helmet bag from the following online stores:

Offer: 50% off Weise 3 Pack Comfy Neck Tubes [motorcycle base layers]

Weise 3 Pack Comfy Neck Tubes

SportsbikeShop.co.uk have this triple pack of Triple pack of Weise seamless neck tubes currently available for half price. They were £12.99, and are now on offer at £6.99. FIND OUT MORE

Product Description:
* Made from Fibretec material
* Wind resistant
* Excellent moisture transfer
* Seam-free for maximum comfort
* One size fits all
* Pink, blue and black with white dots

A great way to get some of those essential motorcycle base layers for cheap prices – BUY THEM HERE