AGV K-3 SV Helmet review

AGV K-3 SV Helmet review

AGV K-3 SV Helmet review

Our review of the AGV K-3 SV helmet:

AGV hit gold with their original K-3 helmet model – it provided riders with a great helmet with loads of features at an entry level price, and to top it all off AGV then went and made a load of race replica designs available in the range from riders like Valentino Rossi, Marco Simoncelli, and more. All this turned the K-3 into a bestseller for AGV.

AGV sometimes advertise that the K3 helmet is their ‘MotoGP inspired’ helmet, and to be fair, they have clearly taken some inspiration from their premium race helmet ranges like the PistaGP and the Corsa, and they have applied some of the same (albeit adapted) features to the K3, it is especially noticable in the shape. Plus AGV have also made sure that there is a good selection of race replica graphics available in the range.

The AGV K-3 SV is the latest version of this helmet and the ‘SV’ basically stands for ‘sun visor’ as the K-3 SV now comes with a built in sun visor which means for everyday riders it eliminates the pain point of having to stop to change your visor on days when the sun becomes a nuisance. The K-3 SV is still the lowest helmet in the AGV range, but to call this ‘entry level’ is probably a bit unfair as it comes with a few solid upgrades that don’t seem to be too much different from the premium AGV ranges like the Corsa and Pista GP. The AGV K-3 SV is not a basic upgrade on the older K-3, it is much more of a rebuild of this popular helmet. Let’s breakdown a few of the features and areas below.

The AGV K-3 SV is sold in two shell sizes with inner fitments in various sizes all the way from XS up to XXL, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting a decent and snug fit. The K-3 SV is probably best suited to round/neutral head shapes.

The shell is constructed from High Resistant Thermoplastic Resin (HIR-TH) which means it isn’t the lightest helmet out on the market in this category, but it doesn’t feel too bad when you are wearing it – it weighs it at around 470g (+/- 50g).

One immediate improvement that stands out is that the shape of the K-3 SV is more aggressive than the older K-3 model and AGV seem to have applied some of the aerodynamic learnings that they got from the Corsa or Pista GP as this new K-3 SV feels rounder at the back and it then it tapers off more sharply towards the front of the helmet. This new shape makes it cut through the air more easily and also makes the helmet look very aggressive and more like a ‘race quality’ helmet.

From a safety standpoint things look pretty good also and the AGV K-3 SV is ECE 22.05 approved in Europe and the helmet has scored 4/5 stars on independent SHARP tests.

Let’s look at the visor next as that is another standout features on the K-3 SV that has basically been revised and built from scratch. The K-3 SV has a clear visor, but it also houses a tinted visor inside the helmet that can be dropped into place via a quick release system that is lever operated. Many entry level helmets from top brands are introducing internal sun visors and this is AGV’s offering. The sun visor is effective and is ideal for everyday bikers, but you need to be aware that while the main clear visor is fog resistant the internal sun visor is not, so watch that hot breath.

Removing the main visor is a simple affair with a quick-release system that is operating by pulling on tabs that are situated either side of the helmet and the visor simply slides out. The visor is Pinlock ready and most shops should be selling this with a Pinlock anti-fog insert that comes with it, so watch out for that.

The visor is easy to open and close with a tab at the front that can be operated easily enough with either hand, and it feels secure when it is locked in place. With a quick slide of the tab you can crack the visor so it is slightly open (but still secured in place so it won’t fly upwards) which is a great feature that allows you to get a bit of extra air in the visor when you aren’t riding at speed (this can also help with any de-misting on cold days).

The K-3 SV is well ventilated and features a couple of chin vents that are paired with two larger vents at the top above the visor at the front of the helmet. There is an extra vent on top, and two large extraction vents on the rear. The vents at the front are really well designed and sit low in the shell (as opposed to some helmets where the housing sticks out) which adds to the sleek look of the shell.

Vents are easy enough to operate and airflow is noticeably good, especially as part of the inner padding has been strategically cutaway to allow more air to circulate around the helmet. Some users complain that the AGV K-3 SV is a bit too noisey, we can understand that feedback, but to be honest we didn’t find it too much of a distraction. Maybe our ears are more shot to pieces than yours, so it is something to be aware of, despite the fact that it didn’t really bother us. Maybe the extra cavity given to the internal sun visor increases noise and reverberation?

Again, no complaints here, the inner lining and padding is all soft and snug and at no point did we feel any pinching or discomfort. It is all removable and washable as you would expect from a top brand like AGV. The inner lining fits into place with plastic snap buttons so you just need to press in back into place after you have removed it.

Another feature that you get in the K-3 SV that seems to have filtered down from AGV’s premium Corsa and Pista GP models is the EPS which is constructed with variable density – this means it is thicker in places in order to give more protection to some areas, while ensuring that it doesn’t pinch in others. We can’t recall such variable density in the previous K-3 model.

Put bluntly the AGV K-3 SV is a great helmet that comes packed with features and a solid safety rating that you would probably end up paying more for from other brands. It is a solid everyday motorcycle helmet masquerading under a race helmet’s shape and design. The K-3 SV series also has a number of race replica graphics vaialable in the range, including five different official Valentino Rossi designs to choose from. The AGV K3 SV range is one of the best options if you are after a great looking race replica helmet without wanting to pay a premium price, and it is currently the cheapest way to get hold of an official Valentino Rossi MotoGP race replica helmet.

You can expect to pick up a K3 for less than £200 / $260. Check the links below for trusted sellers. Check out some of the most popular AGV K-3 SV race replica gelmets below:

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