Alvaro Bautista Family Helmet

Alvaro Bautista ‘Family’ helmet (Valencia 2013)

Alvaro Bautista Valencia 2013

Here is a quick look back at Alvaro Bautista’s special helmet design for the 2013 Valencia MotoGP.

Bautista doesn’t hasn’t really had too much screen time in recent years in MotoGP due to the fact that he hasn’t been a top 6 regular for some time, so you may not have seen many images of this helmet, but we love it. Recent performances hint that might be changing a bit in 2017…..we hope so at least.

Anyway, let’s step back to 2013 when Alvaro Bautista pulled some special graphics out of the bag at Valencia to celebrate and pay tribute to his family, including a stork dropping in a new addition.

Check it out below:

Alvaro Bautista Family Helmet

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